This Minimalist Classic Fairytale Character Art Lets You See All Your Childhood Faves In An Adorable New Light — PHOTOS

A Costa Rica-based illustrator is drawing minimalist classic fairytale characters, and they're an interpretation that Walt Disney himself couldn't have dreamed up. The artist, Maria José Da Luz, has previously drawn animated alphabet characters and minimalist versions of famous TV and movie characters, but her interpretation of fairytales are a whole new and adorable ball game. She already has some stiff competition — within the last year, we've seen some pretty elaborate takes on fictional characters, from realistic Disney characters to feminist male Disney characters. (Can you tell I'm very pro-Disney?) But the attraction of these illustrations is that they've stripped down the characters (figuratively), and it's fun to go through each image and match them to their respective movie.

“I can always find inspiration for personal projects on movies/tv/books because it’s a fun challenge to turn whats done in certain way into my own personal style," De Luz shared with Bustle. "My ways are based in cute and simple shapes, but still capture the essence of the original characters.”

You can also buy a lot of De Luz's work from her Etsy page, where she sells custom cartoon drawings. (Why get a minimalist Disney cartoon when you can get a minimalist cartoon of your little brother and tack it on his door, am I right?) Beyond that she sells different fun prints to brighten up your room.

Here are 12 of her minimalist fairytale character illustrations that are guaranteed to make your day:

1. Ariel

She's saucy and she knows it.

2. Flounder

It's hard to recognize him in his minimalistic form ... and when he's not ~under the sea~.

3. Pinocchio

His facial expression is so perfectly captured here.

4. Belle

Even without all her usual pizzazz, she's still a babe.

5. The Beast

Is it just me, or is he cuddly and adorable in this picture?

6. Snow White

Of COURSE the iconic apple makes the pic.

7. The Evil Queen

Red lips on fLeEk.

8. The Three Little Pigs

I'm going to venture to guess that the middle one went to market?

9. Alice In Wonderland

In lieu of blushing cheeks, De Luz puts just a tiny dot of pink to symbolize the ~flushed look~, and it's precious.

10. The Chesire Cat


11. White Rabbit


12. The Mad Hatter

Nah, this one's not my bae.

Images: Courtesy Of Maria José Da Luz(12)