Jessica Simpson's Vacation Outfits Vs. The Everyday Woman's Vacation Outfits

A family vacation is a chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy each other's company. Unless you happen to be famous — then it's an opportunity to flaunt your most fabulous outfits. Jessica Simpson's trip to St. Barts might have been short, but she definitely brought it style-wise. My three-day family trip to Put-In Bay, on the other hand, was slightly less glamorous, and my outfits didn't quite hit the level of fierceness that hers did.

The singer just turned the big 3-5, and for her birthday she took a family and friend-filled trip to St. Barts Island. According to her Instagram, she danced, swam, and boated with an arsenal of great outfits to rock along the way. Simpson chose the perfect bikinis and let her untamed locks fly during her time on the island, and looked absolutely stunning.

Oddly enough, Simpson's island vacation reminded me a lot of my own. Sure, three days in Put-In Bay, Ohio isn't exactly the same as a week on the Virgin Islands, but I made the most of my short stay. Naturally, given that one of us is a famous pop star and one of us is a normal human woman, there were some differences. I'll leave it to you to decide how my outfits held up to Simpson's.

The Group Shot: Simpson's Version

Simpson rocked a black one-piece and a matching cut-out coverup for her group shot with the ladies. Her friends rocked sundresses and had drinks in hand. This looks like one stylish beach day to me.

The Group Shot: My Version

We chose the floating bar for our less-than-fabulous group picture. No fancy cover-ups or sundresses here, but we were having just as much fun with drinks also in hand.

The Night Out: Simpson's Version

It's hard to tell, but it looks like she's wearing a long black dress. Always a good choice for dancing the night away.

The Night Out: My Version

Great minds must think alike, because I also chose black maxi dress for my night out. Not pictured: me dancing just like Simpson is a few minutes earlier.

The Swim Suit: Simpson's Version

In a white, ruffled one-piece with heels and glasses to match, Simpson flaunted her beautiful bod with a sassy pose. No news on how her gold jewelry and disheveled hair held up in the water, but at least she looked stunning for this shot.

The Swim Suit: My Version

I opted for a black bikini with neon straps. Shout out to Target! Although Simpson and I both had the disheveled hair going, I didn't quite get the memo when it came to over-the-top shades.

The Boat Shot: Simpson's Version

The star looked gorgeous as she rocked a cutout one-piece. Her light coverup gently blowing in the breeze completely made the shot.

The Boat Shot: My Version

Taken in the middle of us falling all over the place because of how rocky the ride was, I don't look as flawless as Simpson did. And let me just tell you, this ferry is the furthest thing form a yacht you can imagine.

So maybe I'm not as great at vacation style as Simpson is. We might have completely different wardrobes, but we both made some lasting memories on our recent summer getaways. After all, that's more important than Instagram likes.

Images: Kali Borovic (5)