Taraji P. Henson Reveals Cookie's New Look For 'Empire' Season 2 (Hint: It's Moschino)

Now that the world has been blessed with a trailer for the show's upcoming season, Taraji P. Henson can finally reveal more about Cookie's Empire season two look. It's no secret that the tough-as-nails character and her fabulous wardrobe are the breakout stars, so fans want to know what Mrs. Lyons will wear when the show returns this fall. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly's guest editor Andy Cohen, Henson talked about her favorite outfit that Cookie wears in season two.

"You haven’t seen it yet!" Henson said. "It’s from the Moschino 2016 line, and it’s red leather with all these Moschino chains on it. My God!" Uhm, it sounds totally amazing PLUS it's oh-so Cookie 2.0 to wear an outfit designed by Jeremy Scott. But, that's not all. Henson also shared this tidbit about her character's Moschino makeover. "It also has a matching purse," she added.

Ever since Empire premiered, there has been much talk about Cookie's style and how it has helped turn her into one of the most complex and entertaining characters on TV today. For the Emmy-nominated actress who's fortunate enough to step into Cookie's shoes, the process of embodying the character starts the minute she transforms into her.

"Hair and makeup," Henson said. "Once I get that on, Cookie comes alive! I just get into it. I’ve heard some actors stay in character and I don’t judge, but I have to live in between takes. I can’t stay in the character."

Behold one of Cookie's outfits from the Empire season two trailer:

And the red leather Moschino ensemble that Henson mentioned in Entertainment Weekly:

Now all we need is more deets about what Cookie will wear on her Empire spinoff series.