7 Xtina Lyrics That Can Be Used As Comebacks

by Tracy Dye

If you need a little help in the area of assertion, look no further than pop queen, Christina Aguilera. The platinum-coifed crooner has never shied away from speaking her mind since first gracing the music charts in the late '90s. Although she has always been inspirational in the areas of confidence and self-worth, Aguilera's fierce unapologetic nature truly shone when she dropped her album, Stripped, in 2002. The singer belted a triumphant battle cry at those who had unjustly betrayed her in the resilient "Fighter," she shut down misogynists in the feminist anthem, "Can't Hold Us Down," and "Beautiful" inspired with its empowering lyrics about inner beauty and the power of loving one's self.

If you ever face opposition, there is an Aguilera lyric to successfully shut down the haters and serve as the ultimate comeback. Whether the situation is one of intense scrutiny, or even something as minor as needing to duck out on a Netflix binge in favor of hitting the club (it's Friday, after all!), believe me when I say that there is an Aguilera lyric to help you out. In celebration of confidence and Queen Xtina, herself, I have cherrypicked several Aguilera tracks to deliver seven of the best comebacks you could ask for. Enjoy!

1. "If You Knew Anything, You'd Realize I'm Wearing A Ring" — "Slow Down Baby"

Did he/she put a ring on it? Shut down anyone trying to tread on your relationship territory with this sassy line.

2. "'Cause If It Wasn't For All Of Your Torture / I Wouldn't Know How To Be This Way Now & Never Back Down" — "Fighter"

At some point, we all face disappointment and hurt. Remember that every painful moment can make you stronger, and show the haters they can't hold you down. Speaking of not being held down...

3. "When A Female Fires Back / Suddenly The Target Don't Know How To Act" — "Can't Hold Us Down"

If someone is engaging in archaic, anti-feminist slander, feel free to borrow basically any and every lyric from this empowering track.

4. "I Am Beautiful In Every Single Way / Yes, Words Can't Bring Me Down" — "Beautiful"

Not only is this a comeback for any hater trying to "bring you down," the entire ballad serves as an empowering reminder to never waver in acknowledging your brilliant self-worth.

5. "Give Me Some Room / I'm Comin' Through / Paid My Dues" — "Dirrty"

This is a good one for when you're trying to go out and your bae wants to stay in for a Netflix binge. While compromise is always important, you earned that paycheck and you'll be darned if you don't treat yo self!

6. "So Baby Yes I Know Who I Am / And No I Don't Give A Damn / And You'll Be Loving It" — "Keeps Gettin' Better"

If anyone is trying to pressure you to change any facets of your glorious personality, slay them with this "Keeps Gettin' Better" comeback.

7. "Don't Wanna Play That Game With You Baby" — "Come On Over (All I Want Is You)"

Sometimes, it's best to be blunt. No, you don't want to play beer pong again. Can't a girl enjoy her brew without it turning into a full-blown competition? And, yes, I am speaking as someone who has never won a single game of beer bong in her life.