Recreate Amy Schumer's Messy Faux Fishtail Braid

This comedian has a long resumé of rolling around in bed with robots and speaking her mind on gun control, but she also has a pretty great hair background as well. Amy Schumer's faux fishtail braid, which she rocked at her most recent press event for Trainwreck, showed exactly why this star was named an It-girl of the summer. She's got brains, beauty, and a great sense of humor.

The star has made stylish appearances at numerous red carpet premieres and other events during the promotional tour for her hit movie Trainwreck. She rocked a gorgeous side braid at the Australian premiere of the film, and she brought back the look in her latest Instagram post. Schumer posted a photo from a press event in Switzerland where she rocked a similar side braid, making it clear that this is her signature style of the summer.

Wearing a red patterned dress and black flats, the star looked effortless in her fisthtail-style braid, which was unique because of the level of texture and volume. Schumer pulled a few pieces of hair out and messed up the braid a bit, which looked fabulous with a dramatic side part. Take a look at the shaggy-chic 'do.

I'm not the only one who thinks this look is worth recreating. Lo Bosworth was ahead of the game with her faux fishtail tutorial, which predicted the exact hairstyle that Schumer rocked. Get a Schumer-esque braid in five easy steps.

1. Part Hair

To get the braid to look like Schumer's, pull your hair over into a dramatic side part.

2. Tease Your Hair

Teasing hair can help it to hold and gives it a more textured look.

3. Separate Hair Into Three Sections

Just like a normal braid!

4. Begin To Braid Hair

To achieve the textured look, Bosworth twists the pieces of hair as she braids them.

5. Tie The Ends

It's that easy! Check out the full tutorial to learn how to create a Schumer-inspired faux fishtail braid.

Images: LoBosworth/YouTube