When Will 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 6 Hit Netflix? We May Have To Wait A While Before Re-Watching These Epic Moments

The big Season 6 finale of Pretty Little Liars is nearly here! Finally, viewers will get answers to mysteries that have plagued the series since the very beginning. Of course, none of that is worth anything if you’re not caught up on the show, and who wants to be spoiled with answers to questions you haven’t asked yet? Certainly not me (if I wasn’t, you know, completely up to speed and thirsty for as much information as A will give me). For latecomers and those who just want to relive the magic, when will Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars come out on Netflix in the United States?

Folks in Europe have gotten lucky in the past — they’ve been able to watch PLL earlier than us in the States, and it seems like it could happen again. Unfortunately, Netflix U.S. doesn’t have an exact date for us to watch Pretty Little Liars ’ Season 6, but I remain hopeful that it’s soon. Unfortunately, this might be a case were Spencer's favorite quote applies, "you know what they say about hope, it breeds eternal misery." In the past, Pretty Little Liars seasons have only hit Netflix after the entire season aired on TV — as in, both halves. Since Season 6 won't even return until early 2016, according to Entertainment Weekly, that means we're probably looking at a Summer Netflix premiere, maybe Spring if we're lucky. Season 5B aired from January to March, and then all of Season 5 was released on Netflix in June, so that's the more probable timeframe. Again, eternal misery.

Once all of the reveals start rolling in, I’m going to have to watch every season over again from the beginning to pick up all the clues that I’ve missed. To hear more about some of those clues, check out Bustle's PLL podcast, Taking This One To The Grave.

Here are some other moments from Season 6 that I would like to see again.

A Switches Aria’s Photos Out

This was a recent development that I 1 million percent did not see coming. Aria’s photography was entered into a major photo contest and hung in a gallery. It seemed like Aria would have one minute in the sun, but A wasn’t having it. He switched Aria’s photos with those of each of the Liars unconscious on metal tables in the morgue-like room he constructed in the dollhouse. So creepy. This was the moment that the girls’ parents actually started being parents and realized all the effed-up crap that happened to them in the dollhouse. Finally.

The Girls Escape The Dollhouse — And So Does Sara Harvey

We knew that the Liars would escape from their underground death trap, but I didn’t think it would be so soon into the season. Of course, I. Marlene King likes to keep us on our toes. The girls were rescued pretty swiftly, but there was one more girl than the core four and Mona. Turns out Sara Harvey had been down there the whole time with the Liars. Um, WHAT? And so entered one of the most annoying characters in Pretty Little Liars history.

Andrew Gives The Liars A Real Dressing Down

Andrew Campbell was an early lead to the “who is Charles” question (except it was way too easy), so when he was cleared of all charges and went off on the Liars in front of the police station, I cheered. Seriously, he was treated like a leper when it was so apparent that he was not. Going. To. Be. Charles. Despite their hardships, the Liars sometimes be a little self-involved, so it was kind of nice for someone to yell at them. Go, Andrew.

The Dollhouse’s Fake Torture

For what began as a teen show, Pretty Little Liars has gotten super dark. It started out with firebombs and parents having affairs and it's turned into drugging and fake torture. That’s right — Charles/A fake-tortured the girls, making them think that they were hurting their friends when in fact it was all just a mental game. It was traumatizing for them and for fans, and none of us have gotten over it.

Ken DiLaurentis Reveals The Truth About Charles

Oh, he denied it at first, but Mr. DiLaurentis finally spilled the whole story about Charles, and it was just as weird as I had dreamed of. Getting background on Charles really gave some insight into just how tortured he is, so while it was entertaining, it also laid a foundation for the big reveal.

If Netflix waits for all of the season to air before releasing Pretty Little Liars to stream again, expect this list to double before we're able to watch Season 6 over and over again. You know who else should probably check out PLL Season 6 when it finally premieres online? All of the on-fans in the video below, who give their take on the series' many mysteries.

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