'Pretty Little Liars' Cast Reacts To The Finale With Mostly Confusion

Fans all have the Pretty Little Liars intro memorized (it's just so catchy!), so we know that two can keep a secret if one of them is dead. But, the entire cast of the show has managed to stay tight-lipped about all the shocking reveals in the Summer of Answers finale, from A's identity to the truth about Red Coat and Black Widow. As it aired, the Pretty Little Liars cast shared their reactions to the finale on Twitter and fans were eager to scroll through their accounts to learn how they felt about things. (Although, none of them commented on the controversial CeCe is A reveal.)

Many answers are finally here, but of course we didn't get them all — this is, after all, Pretty Little Liars. But, the finale was fast-paced — it had to be in order to pack years worth of answers into one episode. First, A's mask came off and her identity was finally been revealed as CeCe Drake, and she has been targeting the Liars because she felt they were happy Ali was gone. Sara Harvey has been revealed as none other than Red Coat and Black Widow — so poor Em was once again unlucky in love this season. Let's hope the tide has turned for her sometime in the midst of that time jump.

It's a whole lot for fans to process right now, but the cast members have had plenty of time to wait for our reactions. Many of them were active on social media and, if you were left a little confused by the finale, don't feel bad — so were some of the cast members.

Their Attire Reflected The Show

Why don't I own this t-shirt? Suddenly, the attire I'm wearing for the finale seems downright lame.

My nails are also sub-par.

They Saw Some Things Coming

Me either, Lucy!

They Freaked Out Right Along With Us

Even though they knew what was going to happen, finally seeing it on screen left Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn quite worked up.

Those Who Weren't In The Episode Reminded Us Of Their Plight

#NeverForget the night all four moms found themselves locked in the DiLaurentis basement.

They Responded To Fan Questions

Couldn't the time jump have at least left us assured that the drunken clan of moms sobered up in time to escape that creepy basement?

They, Too, Were Left With Questions

I'm glad it's not just me!

Tough call.

They Were Creeped Out

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