Taylor Swift Brings Fetty Wap Onstage For "Trap Queen" & Her Choice In Concert Guests Keeps Getting Better —VIDEO

This was unexpected. Last weekend, Taylor Swift's 1989 tour made a stop in Seattle, where she brought rapper Fetty Wap onstage. Fetty Wap and Swift performed a duet of "Trap Queen," his summer jam, as apparently, Swift is a Fetty Wap superfan. “Unable to find my chill because of @fettywap1738 singing ‘Trap Queen’ for 60,000 people in Seattle. Amazing night,” she captioned a photo of the two together onstage. She also took to Twitter to share that her duet with Fetty Wap was “no big deal just the happiest moment of my life to date" and "FETTY WAP. TRAP QUEEN. SEATTLE. 60,000 PPL. OH MY GOD."

I, for one, definitely didn't see this collab coming, and it sounds like many other Swift fans would never have expected an impromptu rendition of "Trap Queen," either, judging by the screams heard during the performance. Then again, that's kind of what you just expect, now, when Swift gives a concert, as she's prone to bringing tons of celebs onstage for duets. You'll know you've infiltrated the official Swift circle of friends when she asks you to join her for a song onstage, and so far, she's been great at choosing guests that she and her fans seem to really love and rarely expect. At this point, we can only guess who might be next to join the singer at a concert.

Here's why Swift's choice in concert guests has been especially great so far.

1. They're Not Just Models

Here's proof that #NotAllTaylorSwiftBesties are Victoria's Secret Angels or runway prodigies (although some certainly are).

2. Some Are Talented Actors

A totally unexpected but extremely solid choice of concert guest.

3. One Was Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas is always a good choice.

4. She Honors Athletes

Serena Williams is a real-life superhero. And don't get me started on the U.S. Women's Soccer Team...

5. They're Inspirational

Until I do it anyway. The U.S. Women's Soccer Team is the ultimate squad goal.

6. They're The Absolute Best

Emma Watson is a fave of many, and Emma Watson is Taylor Swift's fave, because duh. Faves on faves on faves.

There's no point in guessing who Swift's next guest will be, because they're always a huge (and totally welcome) surprise.