Will Meghan & Jim Edmonds Have Kids? The 'Real Housewives of Orange County' Couple Wants To Expand Their Family

It's a question that's asked of every new couple, especially celebrity ones: When are you going to settle down and have babies? Their co-parenting skills have already been well-documented, but will Real Housewives of Orange County stars Meghan & Jim Edmonds have kids of their own? The answer actually popped up on an early episode of RHOC, when Heather brought it up while out to dinner with her friend. And, when Heather asked the question, Meghan answered that she does want to have children with Jim someday, but after having four children between his two ex-wives, he underwent a vasectomy. That means if they want to have kids, Meghan said she would have to undergo in vitro fertilization — it wouldn't be a spontaneous thing. However, they aren't quite at that stage yet. Meghan and Jim just got married in fall of 2014, and have been a little bit in flux ever since.

They've moved many times since getting married, first juggling homes in St. Louis for Jim's job, then relocating to Orange County so Jim's daughter could be closer to her mother LeAnn, who was fighting cancer. Sadly, LeAnn recently passed away, so again, focus has not been on Meghan and Jim having children. But, even though they're waiting for a few other things to settle down before having more kids, that doesn't mean that Meghan hasn't already proven that she has plenty of mothering skills. She's demonstrated them plenty of times, from taking care of her stepkids to wrangling the Real Houwsives, that when the time comes she'll be completely prepared.

When Her First RHOC Scene Was Totally Embarrassing

Look, the one thing every parent knows is that embarrassment is their best weapon against teenagers.

When She Stuck Up For Stepmoms

Sure, Vicki and Tamra have a point that being a biological mom and a stepmom must be different. But, they effectively wound up discounting the very real challenges of being a stepparent and basically said that giving birth is the only way to really know motherhood, which is patently untrue.

When She Jumped In Before Getting Officially Hitched

One of Meghan's points to the ladies was that even though she's only been married for a short time, she's been with Jim and getting to know his kids for years. It didn't take a ring for Meghan to start being a goofball with them.

Every Year At Vacation Time

With the exception of their honeymoon, it seems like most of the time when Jim & Meghan go on trips, they're bringing the kids along. Anyone who's ever traveled with kids or even traveled as a kid knows that it can be tough taking them on vacation — but the Edmonds always manage to get there and back again in one piece and look like they had a good time.

When She Stuck Up For Stay-At-Home Moms

It really seems like Meghan has been on the defensive so far this season. Vicki is annoyed with everything about Meghan that's not similar to herself, from Meghan's choice not to work at the moment, to her choice to stay in the OC with Hayley rather than travel back and forth to St. Louis. But, Meghan made it clear that staying with Hayley is more important to her, right now. And, if it works for her family, that's all that matters.

When Her Relationship With LeAnn Defied The Odds

Even though the rest of the Real Housewives said they wouldn't be able to handle a stepmom taking care of their kids if they fell ill, LeAnn and Meghan became friends, and were tight up until her death, which devastated the whole family, Meghan included.

And, When Meghan Helped Pay Tribute With Hayley

Together, Meghan and Hayley collaborated with the company Mother Trucker & Co on these #CancerSucks hats. Clearly, Meghan has no plans to replace Hayley's mom, but she certainly wants to step in and help her stepdaughter where she can — like using her newfound reality TV fame to get fan response to Hayley's idea.

Like Most Stepmoms, Every Single Day

I think even in Meghan's short time as a stepmom, she's shown just how much you can care and love your kids even if you're not one of their biological parents. Whether or not Meghan and Jim Edmonds decide to have children together anytime soon, Meghan is honing her parenting skills every single day.

Image: Meghan King Edmonds/Twitter