Lorde Compliments Drake On Twitter & Is Basically The Anti Meek Mill

Maybe it's because they both only go by one name, or maybe it's because they're both young, successful, and majorly talented. Whatever the case may be, Lorde took to Twitter to offer Drake her utmost praise on Sunday. Why, you ask? Well, it's not because he's grown the most luscious beard of 2015 or because she's a huge Degrassi fan. (Though those would have been solid reasons to sing his praise.) The real reason Lorde sent out a series of tweets in Drake's honor is because, like many of us, she loves his songs, "Hotline Bling," "Trophies," and "Pound Cake." So much so that she has publicly professed that his lyrics and overall technique inspire her.

As is protocol, if you feel a certain type of way about Drake and his songs, you do so publicly, in 140 characters (I'm looking at you, Meek Mill). So, really, Lorde's tweet streak isn't all that radical. But perhaps the fact that her social-media musing is kind and complimentary is. Especially if a Lorde-Drake collaboration comes to fruition because of it (hey, I can hope). See the opportunities we open up for ourselves when we play nice with others? Anyway, back to Lorde and her love of Drake and his beautiful mind. Which, now that I'm thinking about it, sounds like an epic romance novel name. Sorry, sidetracked again.

Lorde's tweets went a little something like this:

Actually, it's not boring at all, Lorde. Learning how the wheels of ingenious minds turn is never, ever a dull topic...like, ever (as Lorde's BFF Tay would say). Especially when the songwriting process is elaborated in such a nuanced, visual way.

Now that we know where Lorde stands in way of her feelings for Drake as a lyricist, all that's left now is to wait for his response. Once he sends out his own complimentary posts (as you know he will), it'll finally allow me to start platonically shipping the dynamic lyrical duo that will inevitably be called, "Lorde Drake." Because that is an epic ship name. And, you know, because cool music may be in our immediate future, or at least a very cool friendship between two talented people.