Ashley I.'s Sister Lauren Left 'Bachelor In Paradise' & It Was The Best Decision For Both Of Them

Two weeks in, and one half of everyone’s favorite sister duo (besides like, the Williams sisters and probably the Deschanels) has gone away. That’s right — Lauren Iaconetti made the decision to leave Bachelor In Paradise , much to the dismay of her older sister Ashley. Lauren wasn’t really interested in anyone that was in Paradise with them from the get go (though Mikey T. was sure interested in her), but then Joshua from Kaitlyn's season strolled right out of Lauren’s dreams and into Paradise. Though Ashley pretty much begged Joshua to ask out her sister, as if that were a turn on for any man, Joshua opted instead to take out dear, dear Tenley on a date, sending Lauren and Ashley into jealous crying fits.

There’s an added layer to Lauren leaving that’s not about Josh. All episode, she’s been going around saying that she is a “mistress” to someone at home. Um, what? Lauren, if you are hopelessly in love with another guy, why are you on Bachelor in Paradise? There’s only so much sisterly support a person can give, you know? Because she is so into someone at home, it’s probably the right decision that Lauren decided to leave. It was clear she didn't want to be in Paradise, and her drama was tearing Ashley away from her mission to find a man of her own.

Now that Lauren is gone, Ashley can really focus on finding love for herself. Though it’s nice to have someone in Paradise that understands you and can support you no matter what, the sister’s constant bickering and isolation of themselves was totally not helping Ashley find love with Jared or anyone else on the show. Now Ashey can focus on herself and finding the “love” of her life or at least the love of the show. I’m usually a big supporter of sisterly love, but Lauren’s leaving Bachelor In Paradise is ultimately the best decision for both Lauren and Ashley.

Images: ABC/Bob D’Amico; Giphy