Joe Is A Jerk On 'Bachelor In Paradise,' So What Happened To The Nice Guy From Kaitlyn's Season?

If you're going to show up fashionably late, at least make a good first impression, Joe. When Kaitlyn's ex-suitor Joe Bailey joined Bachelor in Paradise , he didn't exactly prove himself to be the guy who was kept around for a while on The Bachelorette. In fact, Joe was kind of a jerk. Not only did he prove to be off-putting with Clare, but he was really non-committal to inviting Juelia on his one-on-one date. So, what happened to the cute Joe that was on The Bachelorette?

When Joe showed up for Paradise, people seemed to be excited because he was relatively liked on The Bachelorette. Joe's time with Kaitlyn was actually pretty impressive. He was a nice guy — although he did fade into the background a lot. You knew he wasn't going to stay until the very end, but you didn't not like him. Remember when he gave it his all and sang during the Aladdin date? Pretty cool.

Unfortunately, Joe seemed to gain a chip on his shoulder when he was dumped by Kaitlyn in Ireland, and apparently it's still there. When Kaitlyn dumped Joe, he went from this nice guy that you couldn't help but like, to this very bitter ex-boyfriend who didn't want to even speak to Kaitlyn. I get it, being dumped on TV sucks, but being a jerk on TV might be worse.

Now that Joe is in Paradise, I had hoped he would redeem himself with Nice Joe, but the guy we saw was not Nice Joe. The guy we saw was Bitter Joe. Or perhaps Weird Joe. Something was off about him, and it wasn't great. When Joe arrived to Paradise and was sitting around with some of the cast, Clare made an effort to connect with him. Joe was not having it, like, at all. Joe even insulted Clare by saying, "This isn't your first rodeo. This is like, what, your second Paradise?" Um... rude.

Joe then proceeded to get a date card, which caused another opportunity for him to be awkward. He asked, in general, a group of Paradise-goers if they want to go horseback riding. Luckily (or maybe not), Juelia raised her hand to go. Joe made it weird, of course, and made it seem as if he didn't ask her. Joe, you're going on a date with her. Don't make this uncomfortable.

Joe's date with Juelia wasn't as big of a disaster as it seemed like it could have went. In fact, it was actually a really sweet date. So maybe Joe is just a jerk when it comes to new situations? Whatever the situation may be, I hope Nice Joe sticks around for the rest of the season, because Jerk Joe is just not a good look.

Images: Craig Sjodin/ABC