9 Outdated 'Lizzie McGuire' Outfits, Because Her On-Point Preteen Style Aged Rather Questionably

If your childhood was a wholesome, Disney Channel-led one, then Lizzie McGuire episodes probably shaped the majority of your moral compass as well as your fashion choices. The series packed some pretty in-depth issues into 20 minutes, alongside approximately five outfit changes for Lizzie and co. Lizzie McGuire's style was legendary and had most of us begging our moms to curl, crimp, and cut our locks before we left the house for school. With Lizzie in mind, I never feel guilty when I change my outfit twice in one day (or twice at one party).

Unfortunately — as with most things from the early 2000s — a lot of the on-point looks Lizzie McGuire presented us with have aged pretty badly. That being said, with '90s fashion having a huge revival at the moment, who's to say that these looks won't come back into fashion soon? Even though she was technically a noughties child star, some of the sartorial choices in Lizzie McGuire are pretty '90s — and thankfully so! I mean, inflatable backpacks can't just be abandoned in decades past.

As a trendy twentysomething, I have to question a lot of Lizzie's looks, though. The preteen in me might insist that her style is still one of the best to grace the Disney Channel (arguably after That's So Raven), but there are some outdated clothing combos that I simply can't let slide.

1. Head Bandana, Cowboy Belt Buckle, Camo Glitter Star, Orange & Brown Tie Dye Trousers

This army-themed look just has too much going on (a recurring theme in noughties fashion), but the shades of khaki and orange are what really put me off. Also, why was the bandana trend such a thing?

2. Fluffy Clutch, Inflatable Backpack, Loose Fitting Pink Pants, Badly Curled Hair

Like I said, inflatable backpacks are still cool. Instead of having two impractical bags, why not invest in one usable bag like Lizzie? Loose fitting pink trousers, however, are a crime on anybody under 50 and even then I don't like it.

3. Sequin Red Camo Vest & Chunky Hairband

I'm totally pro chunky hairband if it's worn in a cute '60s way, but placed on top of what could've been a cute up-do (especially when paired with whatever that top is meant to be), this look has definitely aged badly (unlike Hilary Duff herself). Also, does anyone else think it looks like Lizzie is holding an iPhone?

4. Ombre Top With Loose (!) Flower Print Pants

TBH, I was going to let this outfit slide, since it's kind of aiming to have a color scheme (for once) and it's a bit better put together than some of Lizzie's other creations. However, this look is meant to be worn to a fashion show. Remember the episode where Lizzie becomes a model but hates the faux popularity and quits to regain normality? One of the great life lessons found in Lizzie McGuire. Imagine this at NYFW, though. It's laughable.

5. Another Bandana, Braids With Flower Bobbles, & A Mismatched Purple Top

The shades of purple in this outfit don't match. At all. And the bandana is back! The braids could be cute if they didn't have the weird hair bobbles at the end, I guess. Maybe I'm coming at this from too much of a minimalist angle, but without all of the over-accessorizing some of Lizzie's looks could still be salvageable.

6. Butterfly Top & Glittery Bootcut Jeans

In this legendary episode, Lizzie spends $100 of her, Gordo, and Miranda's money on some hip hugger jeans to try to win "best dressed" for the yearbook. Of course, classic Lizzie spills a slush puppy on them and has to change into some jeans that her mom bought her at a discount store. In a shocking twist, she ends up winning the competition with them! The glittery jeans and butterfly print top would be the height of fashion for a 10-year-old, but on Lizzie it just looks childish.

7. Glittery, Vaguely Asian-Inspired Top & An Embellished Bandana

Enough with the bandanas, Lizzie. This one is definitely my least favorite yet, with its combined silk and gem embellishments that make it look just that little bit worse. The generic Asian-themed vest also wouldn't fly these days.

8. Rainbow Triangle Sweater & Orange Patterned Pants

I can't actually imagine that this look (especially with the half curled, half straight hair) was ever fashionably acceptable. I just can't stand clashing colors.

9. What Is This Jacket?

Where did it come from? What is the story behind it? Imagine the stories this jacket could tell you! A half leather, half denim blazer would never have been allowed to slide in my school, anyway.

Now, don't get me wrong: Lizzie's style was a hugely influential part of the way I dressed back in the day. The road to finding your personal style is supposed be full of missteps and faux pas, that's why it's fun!

Embellished bandanas, however, will never be fun.

Images: Disney Channel