Kylie's Most Grunge-Worthy '90s Outfits

Kylie Jenner, who has recently been accused of 'Shopping her IG pics, was born in 1997. Her 17th birthday is right around the corner on Aug. 10, which makes her both a Leo and a late '90s millennial who missed most of the decade and its grungy music and fashion since she wasn't a zygote or a glint in her dad Bruce Jenner's eye until the latter part of the period. That hasn't stopped Kendall's little sister, who has ditched the dip-dyed, blue tips, from being inspired by the decade of her birth when she graced the world with her presence, rocking lots of '90s-inspired attire during these past two weeks.

So while Kendall is getting her luxe brand model on — she's the Kim to Kylie's Khloe, in terms of sib rivalry — Kylie is doing the same, only on her Instagram feed, as opposed to Chanel runways.

Jenner has been donning oversized, thuggy flannels, the original 90210-approved chokers, which scream Brenda Walsh, Kelly Taylor, and Donna Martin, and baggy threads. She's probably listening to Sugar Ray, Luscious Jackson, Hole, Everclear, and Nirvana while getting ready, too.

While most children of the late '80s and '90s are getting fall-down drunk while affixing their lips to a keg of nostalgia for what was mostly the Clinton administration's decade, with bands like Veruca Salt coming back into prominence, Miss Kylie Jenner is experiencing the genre's flannels and chokers for the first time, so it's more retro for us than for her.

1. Choked Out

Chokers are so '90s. I bought one after I saw the girls of 90210 wearing them. My favorite was a black satin strip with a cameo in the center that I got at Claire's. Miss Jenner wears her plain version with baggy, acid-splotched denim, which is '80s. So she decade-mixed here.

As you can see, sizes were not always fitted or figure-hugging for Brenda and the gals, something the above and below snaps of Kylie Jenner also indicate.

2. Oversized Flannel

Grunge was both a music genre and a fashion buzz word. Both were defined by their affinity for flannel. The rockers, the rappers, and the models were draped in the fabric. Jenner's three-sizes-too-big blue flannel, buttoned all the way up, is as '90s as it gets.

3. Defined And Dark Brown Lips

Jenner hit all the '90s style marks in this pic. The flannel, the choker, and the dark brown matte lips. While that lip trend comes and goes in different iterations, hers is very '90s since the lines are so precise. Style mavens like supermodel Cindy Crawford were down with da brown in the '90s.

Donna Martin's version is slightly glossy — could that have possibly been Revlon's once beloved, then discontinued, then exhumed Coffee Bean? — but the shape and the definition are the same. Check out that slap Tori Spelling's Donna lays on Tiffani Amber Thiessen's Valerie. She was still using the "Amber" in the '90s.

4. Red Flannel

More flannel! Red was a popular flannel color in the '90s and Jenner's rocking it here. In XXL style, too.

5. A Baggy Tee

Jenner's long, loose tee is also very last decade before the millennium. Pairing it with thigh-highs and heels is also sort of her take on '90s girl group. I could totally see the ladies of TLC wearing something similar, but probably without the heels.

6. Baggy Layers

Flannel and tees weren't really fitted or female form-friendly in the '90s like they are now. Granted, Jenner is wearing a community promotional t-shirt, but it's hardly clingy or flattering.

7. Poncho

Jenner's dashiki-like poncho/hoodie is sorta modern, but it reminds me of the toppers they used to sell at Imagine, a hippie-style store on South Street in Philly, back in the '90s, so this is a purely a "me" thing. Notice the dark lips, too!

8. Shoulders Back, Abdomen Out

I know this look comes in and out of style every so often, but this is Jenner's update of a '90s trend, one I saw all over 90210 and Melrose Place.

Once more with feeling!

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (8); Giphy (3)