The Best College Majors For Book Lovers

by Alex Weiss

Declaring a college major can be an incredibly daunting task. Most colleges don't make you pick until you're two years in, but, in my case, I had to decide before stepping onto campus for the first time. I knew years prior that I wanted to go to school for creative writing because there was nothing that I loved more than writing and reading. If you're in the same boat as me where you'd love to do homework involving an endless reading list and interesting topics to write about, then you're in luck. There are a lot of great liberal art majors to pick from that will involve reading books you'd usually consider for pleasure, but instead are assigned as projects.

It's a scary thing to officially claim a major, but it can also be exciting! You'll have some stability and will finally be able to answer the question your family members insist on asking every other week: What are you doing with your life? If you're nearing that stage of choosing a major, don't fret just yet. You have plenty of options, and if keep your mind open to different majors you'll end up finding the perfect fit.

Here are a few of the best majors every avid reader would enjoy spending the next two to four (or maybe more) years studying and mastering:

1. English

OK, this one is a bit obvious. There will be A TON of reading in getting an English degree. You'll be reading and rereading the classics, picking up some epic-poems, and analyzing every word Sylvia Plath and Jane Austen wrote. You'll also be writing some fantastic critical essays on grammar and language arts. If that sounds like a fun time for you, what are you waiting for?

2. Journalism

Maybe you're more into reading up on the news and timely articles. Journalism is then clearly for you. Journalism majors are go-getters and fact-checkers. They work on strict deadlines and consider the AP Stylebook the Bible. They take their interviews seriously and editeditedit. Be ready to put in some long hours of both reading and writing — and a lot of fun.

3. Early Education

Some of the most avid-readers I know are Early Education majors. If there's nothing more rewarding than helping a child learn to read and love books for you, and you happen to have a natural gift for working with children, this might be the major you've been searching for. You'll be reading a lot on child development, and of course staying updated on the newest and best children's books out there. This major will always remind you of how important reading is to achieve a fulfilling life.

4. Library Sciences

Many universities only offer this degree in a masters program, but since you often find yourself in the library on weekends and in-between classes because it's your happy place, you might want to sign yourself up to become a librarian in the long run. Not all librarians are snotty old ladies, many if not most are people who just love books and want to spend their life sharing that love with others. Brush up on the Dewey Decimal System, because you're in for an organized and exciting major. Another perk with this degree is that you'll always be the person to go to for book recommendations.

5. Linguistics

So, you have an extraordinary talent and passion for learning other languages, and you also love to read. What is a girl to do? Get a degree in Linguistics! It will open the doors to learning the building blocks of just about any language your heart desires. It will involve reading a lot of your favorite books, and examining them to the letter. Not bad for the detail-oriented among us.

6. Creative Writing

I'm a little biased on this since Creative Writing is my major, but I can't think of a better degree for book-lovers. Of course, if you love to read but hate to write, then this isn't the major for you. Homework will involve reading some of the newest literature in multiple genres and working on your novel. You learn from parodying the greatest writers and develop your own writing process. You'll also get to meet some of your favorite authors and make some pretty amazing literary connections along the way.

7. Poetry

If you're more of a poet than a novelist — that's awesome! Poetry majors get the chance to study and analyze the best of the best. You'll be surrounded by inspiring words and people pretty much all the time. You'll also get credit for going to poetry readings (which you'd already want to go to in the first place) and have the opportunity share your own work in front of a supportive audience.

8. Publishing

Similar to library sciences, getting a Publishing degree is more common as a master's degree. This degree will cover just about every part of the book publishing process from acquiring manuscripts, editing, cover design, publicity, and distribution. If you've ever dreamed of working for a publishing company, whether it's a big or small press, getting a degree in publishing gives you a better shot at starting a career in this competitive industry.

9. Psychology

While reading fiction or non-fiction, you're constantly learning about the human psyche and how people/characters deal with conflict. If you're fascinated by the human brain and and getting into someone's head, Psychology is the perfect degree for you. There will be some massive textbooks and papers to write, but the reader in you will be thriving with how much you're learning.

Images: Mary Helen Cochran Library/flickr, Giphy (10)