Why Is Becky On ‘Big Brother 17’ A Rat? Vanessa Wants To Out Her Two-Faced Strategy

There’s one major downside to becoming HoH in the Big Brother house, and that is the fact that, when you are in power, your game is totally on display. House guests who sneak by without being noticed, and strategies that go undetected, are in the spotlight once they make it to the HoH room. Take Becky for instance. On Sunday night’s episode, Becky won the HoH challenge. But, ever since she won the competition, she has been on everyone’s radar. Now, her strategy of playing both sides and outing houseguests to whoever is in power has been totally put on display. Yup. It definitely sucks to have the power in the Big Brother house.

And, now that Becky is sitting pretty in the HoH room, Vanessa totally wants to out Becky for the rat that she is. All of that strategic work that Becky has put into the game so far — telling Clay and Shelli when there is a plot against them, telling James when Clelli was gunning for him, telling Jackie when she’s most likely going to be up for nomination — is now on total blast.

See, Becky? This is why we throw HoH competitions. The only time you should actually fight to win an HoH competition, in my opinion, is when you know everyone is gunning for you to go home. Which means Shelli and Vanessa should have been fighting for it, not Becky. Anyway. I digress.

The sucky part in all of this is that some of Becky’s rattiest moments have, unfortunately, been in front of Vanessa. For most of the season, Becky has reported to the Sixth Sense whenever someone is going after them, which means that Vanessa has a lot instances to choose from if she wants to out Becky. The amount of dirt she has on Becky is kind of endless. There was the time that Becky told Clay and Shelli that James was going after them. That was sort of out of the blue, and, while it may have built their trust, there wasn’t anything Clay or Shelli could do with that information. Which means Becky kind of did herself in with that one.

Becky has been playing a pretty good game so far, but juggling her alliances may just be the thing that does her in. If she’s smart, she’ll at least hear Vanessa’s deal out and try to make nice before her strategy blows up in her face.

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