Is Becky's No Alliance Strategy On 'BB' Smart?

After a long tenure in the background, Becky Burgess is reigning HoH of the Big Brother household and boy, is she making waves. Becky has started off her HoH run by putting a giant (secret) target on Vanessa's back. Becky has also decided to forgo alliances and proceed throughout this season of Big Brother as a solo player. Becky is a tough nut to crack; she's constantly surprising us with her unexpected moves and putting the kibosh on alliances is the latest in a string of interesting gameplay decisions. But is Becky's no alliance strategy smart gameplay?

Becky seems like a smart cookie but I'm not so sure this is a good idea. On the one hand, I get it. Alliances are volatile. They are easily upset by conflict and the slightest emotional outburst can wreak havoc in an alliance. Then there's the inevitable back-turning that takes place when you're in the final weeks and you have to betray your alliance members because, hello, $500,000 is on the line. And, worst of all, being in a powerful alliance is a surefire way to acquire a giant target on your back. When there's a big alliance in the house, the people in power forget about everyone else when it comes to noms.

It's definitely an interesting choice on Becky's part to forgo any type of alliance. Floaters often make it far into the game because they slip through the cracks so easily. If you're not a threat, they have no reason to evict you.

However, being vocal about writing off alliances seems like a risky move. Becky is openly declaring that she's not a team player and that she's only looking out for number one. Everyone is selfish in Big Brother but it seems like a gutsy move to just write off everyone else. Not to mention it seems a bit arrogant because you're essentially declaring that you're such an awesome player that you don't need anyone to help you get to the finale. Becky needs to remember that strong alliances can be the key to making it to the end.

If you're gonna be a floater successfully, you have to be careful with what you do and I think Becky is getting a bit reckless. She was out of the spotlight for so long and now it seems like she's power tripping as HoH. Becky might regret her 'no deals, no alliances' stance when she's not in power anymore. I'd be willing to bet that she's definitely going to regret her lone wolf strategy when we get to jury. I'm pulling for ya, Becks, but you might have just blew up your own game.

Becky's going rogue and I know I'm not the only one anxiously waiting with baited breath to see how this one will play out. Check out the latest episode of Bustle's own Big Brother podcast,The Diary Room to for loads of #BeckyUpdates and other BB drama. And don't forget to subscribe to Bustle's SoundCloud page keep up to date with all the latest BB gossip.

Image: CBS