Student Emails Professor While Drunk, And He Could Teach Us All A Thing Or Two About Living Our Best Lives — PHOTOS

Ever felt like you were bulletproof in college? This student emailed his professor while drunk, and somehow got in exactly zero trouble, got an extension on his assignment, and got a hilarious response from the professor. Here's my question: How does that kid have that kind of luck, and would he be willing to share some with the rest of us? For anyone else, getting really drunk and then sending an incriminating email would be a surefire way to fail for the class. But this guy is some sort of college campus hero and he apparently can't be stopped. Patrick Davidson, we salute you and would like to remind you to always get a ride, call a cab or Uber, or take public transportation after drinking.

So, if you're struggling on a paper at the end of the coming semester, remember that the solution might be to take a break, have a few drinks and then just be honest. If there's anything we can learn from dear ol' Pat it's that sometimes honesty really is the best policy. We'd also like to send our sincerest props to Mr. Martin for knowing what "rn" and "af" meant and for being chill about the fact that he was called bald in the same breath as her was referred to as a "motherf*c%in g." Keep slayin, Professor Martin.

Here's The Full Read Of The Only Email You'll Ever Need To Get You An Extension:

I'd like a bottle of whatever he's drinking too, please.

Seeing as these photos prove that you need to just be honest, I decided to dig up a few other iron-clad excuses for needing an extension on your paper. Here are five other excuses you can use to get an extension on your paper, as told by Clueless:

1. You Were V Busy Fantasizing About Your '90s Crush

2. You Had Prior Engagements Doing Cooler Than Things

3. You Decided You Needed To Skip Seventh Period To Go Shopping

4. You Were Busy Having A Low Key Life Breakdown

5. You Got Busy Judging People On Social Media And Couldn't Be Bothered To Finish The Assignment

That oughta do it on the excuse front. To every future and current co-ed out there reading this right now: You're WELCOME.

Images: Pixabay; Imgur; Giphy(5)