11 Uber Horror Stories That Will Give You Even More Reason To Rethink Using Them

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I have a confession to make: I am an Uber virgin. There is always one flaw in a marketing plan, and that flaw is me—they offered the first ride for free, and I’ve been hoarding it like a squirrel hoards nuts, determined not to use it until I really, really need it, and as a result, I never have. That, and the few times I’ve ever needed to desperately get from one place to another faster than public transport could take me, a regular old taxi has luckily always been one awkward arm flail away.

It turns out, though, that I might be better off for it. Uber has had some pretty scuzzy allegations come out in the past few weeks, including abuse of privacy, threatening to dig up dirt on journalists, and most upsettingly, incidents of sexual assault. The controversy has lit up Twitter with new trends #UberGate and #DeleteUber, with many users deciding to get rid of the potentially invasive app and stop using the service for good. In case you needed any more reason to join them, here are some of the worst Uber horror stories since the company's beginnings.

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