Will Maddie Ziegler Be A Dance Major In College? The 'Dance Moms' Star Would Fit Right In At These Schools

Wunderkind dancer and star of Dance Moms Maddie Ziegler may only be 12 years old, but she's already accomplished so much. She's danced for Sia, been to the Grammys, and more — can it get any better for the young dancer? Well, in a few years, Maddie Ziegler wants to go to college, but will she be a dance major? It's a distinct possibility. The pre-teen is currently home-schooled and takes her studies very seriously, according to an interview in The Telegraph earlier this year. "I need to make sure I am still getting an education, I don’t just want to be a dumb dancer," Ziegler told the publication.

She told The Telegraph that algebra has been quite the challenge for her in school work, but what does Ziegler ultimately want to study? Her official site states that she wants to become a choreographer or a dancer on Broadway. More recently, Ziegler expressed her desire to go from reality TV performer to actress. "I’d love to be an actress in movies and scripted TV shows," she told The Telegraph. "Dance is my number one priority but I’m also doing a lot of acting and singing. I definitely want to be a triple threat." And, she could definitely do it. Perhaps she'd even get to guest star again on her favorite TV show, Pretty Little Liars .

Luckily, this soon-to-be triple threat can combine her pursuit of higher education with her goals of becoming the ultimate performer at any of these top-notch acting, music, and dance schools.

NYU Tisch School Of The Arts

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Known mostly as the film school, Tisch also houses renowned programs for dance, acting, and recorded music. Plus, NYU is no stranger to having celebrity students — James Franco, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Haley Joel Osment, Mara Wilson, and so many more have walked the Violet halls. As an NYU alum myself, I know it can be tough to study many disciplines at once due to many of the programs' rigorous curriculums, but I'm sure Ziegler can make it work.

The Julliard School

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The prestigious school specializes in all three of Ziegler's goal areas: Dance, drama, and music. It's a highly-competitive school to get into and has produced such talent as Bebe Neuwirth (for dance), Phoebe Cates (for dance), Jessica Chastain (for acting), Mandy Patinkin (for acting), Audra McDonald (for music), Barry Manilow (for music), and so many more. Julliard also has a Pre-College Division, in which students under 18 can study music. Could be an option for Ziegler, if she ever gets any down time.

Yale University

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Sure, this Ivy is always one of the academically top-ranked universities in the U.S., but the Bulldogs also have renowned arts programs. The Yale School of Drama offers Masters of Arts degrees in its graduate program, and the university also has a strong dance program.

The Boston Conservatory

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According to its official site, this is one of the first schools to integrate ballet and modern dance. The Boston Conservatory offers degree programs in music and theater as well and boasts several successful alums: Katharine McPhee, Carlos Pena Jr., and more.

Bringham Young University

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If Maddie feels like getting out of Los Angeles and moving to Utah, BYU has the winningest ballroom dance team in the nation, taking home the U.S. Formation Dance Champion Team title every year since 1982. The large public school also has many other strong programs in the arts and this could be an option of Ziegler ever feels like she needs to get away from the limelight and the endless questions about Sia.

The Alvin Ailey School and Fordham University

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The dance school and the NYC university partnered to bring this Bachelor of Fine Arts to life. Students enrolled in this program attend classes at both the Ailey School and Fordham's Lincoln Center campus, which would allow the dancer to perhaps explore her interests in acting and music as well.

Right now, anything is possible for Ziegler, and her talent will surely take her far — no matter what she does for college.