'Pretty Little Liars' Virgins Try To Explain The Show & The Charles Reveal, Hilarity Naturally Ensues — VIDEO

As Pretty Little Liars fans, there are quite a few terms and names we need to know to get through a given episode. But when you start talking about how A is Charles but also, we don't know who Charles is, but also he's Alison's brother, but also Alison was once dead, but it wasn't really her, it was the body of another missing blonde girl, and yes, the Rosewood police department is terrible at its job, people start to get a little glassy eyed. Guys, we may love the twisty goodness of Pretty Little Liars , but to a PLL virgin, this can be kind of overwhelming. And in honor of what promises to be the most overwhelming Pretty Little Liars season finale ever, we thought we'd ask a few folks to give their best attempts at explaining the show, Charles DiLaurentis, and the Liars themselves. The results are kind of fabulous.

Of course, most of these subjects know a little something about the show — after all, I'm pretty sure everyone knows someone who watches the ABC Family staple. Plus, if you've ever been on Tumblr or Twitter, you've seen something about this show. It and its ever evolving mystery are inescapable. But, unfortunately for our guinea pigs, that's not enough to truly know the intricacies of everyone's favorite Rosewood teens.

They knew it was about murder, or something...

And That The Liars Are Basically The Spice Girls

Girl power.

And That This All Has Something To Do With Charles... Or A... Or Something

So, you know, pretty close.

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