What Your Reading Style Says About You: 7 Different Ways To Read, And What They Say About Your Personality

You may not realize it, but you have a reading style that's all your own. Are you the type of person who takes a couple weeks to finish a book? Or do you like to juggle multiple books at once? Maybe you're a speed-reader who finishes a book in a day and moves on to the next right away. Whichever you are, you have a distinct way you prefer to start and finish a book.

However you spend your reading time says a lot about your personality. If you're reading for pleasure, the places and pace at which you read may reveal other traits about you. For example, I tend to be a slower reader who juggles a couple books at a time. Due to this, I'm not a very fast-paced kind of person, but I do like to multitask different projects at the same time. See what I'm saying?

Whichever style you in which read (which can differ depending on the book you have in hand, naturally) is absolutely fantastic. Know why? Because you're reading a really great book! Well, hopefully it's great. It doesn't matter if you read some books faster or slower, in public or in your bed. What matters is that you make sure to fit in reading time one way or another.

Are you ready to find out what your reading style says about you?

The Weekly Goal-Getter

When you get a new book, you have a set goal to have it done within the week. You like to savor experiences, but not for too long. You enjoy change and embrace it to the fullest. You're the unpredictable friend in your group and like to switch up weekend plans so you're not always at the same bar every night. You work hard, but you also make sure to take plenty of time to do the things you love and not overwork yourself.

The Juggler

You read multiple books at the same time. You’re exceptional at multitasking (to say the least), but you also tend to be a bit indecisive. Sometimes you try to juggle too many things at once, but you always figure it out. You're really great at handling stressful situations and keep calm under pressure. If there’s one thing you do well it’s keep a clear head and adapt to any challenge life throws your way. When it comes to problem solving, you may as well be crowed the queen.

The Commuter

You get your reading in during your commute to and from work. You’re a big daydreamer and are usually complimented on your creativity. You like to look on the bright side of things and see every gap in your schedule as a space for opportunity. You like to keep yourself occupied since being bored isn't an option for you. Although you can appreciate living in the moment, you'd rather be on your way to your next adventure.

The Turtle

You read a few pages here and there, maybe a couple of chapters a week. You’re a deep thinker, and with every experience in your life you take some serious time to evaluate and process it. You make sure to find time to relax, do some yoga, and catch up with close friends. You wouldn't be caught dead in a night club, but rather at your favorite brunch place enjoying a mimosa. For you, life is all about the ride, and you aren’t particularly interested in getting to the end any time soon.

The Hare

When you pick up a new book, you don’t set it down until it’s finished. You get sh*t done when it’s asked of you, and even when it isn’t. You have to be doing something at all times, and that usually includes helping others. You have a strong desire to make sure your friends and family are happy. You're a natural leader, and you usually take on too much for your own good because of it. You also love to be kept on your toes, ready for anything that comes your way.

The Rereader

You reread your favorite books more often than starting new books. You’re the type of person who has strong friendships and genuinely appreciate every one of them. You like having a schedule to work with and aren’t the biggest fan of change. You the type of person who can listen to your parents tell you the same funny story from your childhood over and over and still laugh like it’s the first time you’re hearing it.

The Emotional Wreck

Your emotions get the better of you when you read, so you know not to read in public. You're the friend everyone wants around when big events happens because you always have the best reactions. You like to live in the moment and embrace your quirks with confidence. You're witty and sarcastic, and people love you for it! Sometimes you can be seen as a little too dramatic, but you brush it off because life is more fun that way.

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