Can You Wear White Outfits After Labor Day? These 6 Style Tips Will Ensure You Look Flawless In Ivory Year Round

There are some fashion rules one simply must abide by, but resisting the urge to wear white after Labor Day simply isn't one of them. By all means, play by the rules in matters of eschewing a sandals-and-socks combination or sporting sneakers with a skirt suit, but for the sake of your own creative impulses, don't banish white from your wardrobe after the first weekend in September. While the fashion-inclined often gravitates towards black, camel, and navy as go-to neutral shades, white is an equally essential hue for any closet, and to eschew it's magical, monochrome ensemble-making abilities completely after Labor Day would cut a significantly into your creativity.

The key to creating a seasonally appropriate white ensemble after Labor Day is renouncing clothing items or pairings that immediately evoke visions of summer. Eyelet, gingham, linen, and seersucker are out of the question unless deliberately countered with heavier materials or utilized in small doses. Similarly, illusion paneling and peekaboo designs rendered in white possess an innately breezy aesthetic; moreover, no fashion maven worth her salt would wish to be caught in sub-40-degree temperatures sporting an ensemble that does nothing to withstand icy winds due to a perforated design. If you're in an ivory or eggshell mood for autumn, read on for key tips to sport white after labor day without raising eyebrows.

1. Layer With A Chic Coat

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Sans adornment, a sheer, white lace frock can appear inappropriate for fall weather. However, an elegantly layered coat added atop a white frock lends adequate warmth to qualify the ensemble as autumnal.

2. Increase The Fabulous Factor With Faux Fur

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No one will dare accuse you of sporting summer attire when faux fur is involved. Polish off a prim white ensemble with a fur stole or fur-trimmed coat for a seasonally appropriate take on the shade.

3. Look For Long Sleeved Silhouettes

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A sleeveless white shift isn't ideally suited to September's fickle weather, no matter how the piece is styled. By contrast, a long-sleeved silk frock will transport you straight from August through to October.

4. Opt For Ivory In Lieu Of Pure White

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Pure white lends itself more readily to spring and summer weather, but simply choosing a hue several shades darker will lend an ensemble autumnal appeal. Choose pieces in shades of ivory, eggshell, cream, or even champagne to give your clothing a kick into the coming season.

5. Add Traditionally Autumnal Hues Through Accessories

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Converting an all-white ensemble for the coming season can be as simple as adding accents in fashionable fall hues. A burgundy belt can elevate a white long-sleeved frock, while metallic heels and a corresponding clutch are a modern match for suiting separates.

6. Suit Up With Stockings

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When the thermometer reads 90 degrees, a negligible number of fashionably-inclined individuals will dare to sport stockings with their white frocks. However, you can transform a simple blouson dress into something September-appropriate by popping on a pair of dark-hued tights.