9 Best Amy Schumer Moments With Her Girl Friends To Make Everyone Jealous They’re Not In Her Squad

The now-famous "Amy and Jennifer on a Jetski" photo is the source of jealousy everywhere. Humans all over the world were jealous that they, themselves, were not present to hang out with the 2 most fun women in pop culture, and Amy Schumer has an epic #squad of girlfriends that one can only dream to be a part of. Taylor Swift was almost certainly jealous that Schumer might have stolen her "thing." Swift's "Girl Gang," comprised of models like Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid, and actress-models like Cara Delevigne, was the envy of everyone everywhere. These people are such forces individually that one can only imagine how fun it is when they are together.

Swift's "#GirlGang" begat "#SquadGoals," the official hashtag of people everywhere trying to emulate the collective excellence that comes with a bunch of celebrities hanging out together. But what makes Schumer's squad special is that it is not just celebrities — she remains friends with people from high school, the comics she came up through the comedy scene with, and her current writers and collaborators on Inside Amy Schumer. Schumer has proven herself to be a great friend by any standards, not just compared to other celebrities.

Here are some of Schumer's best moments with her girlfriends, and why you pray to someday be a part of this crew.

1. She Puts Her Friends On Her Show

This sketch is stacked with her fellow female comedians, who also are her frequent collaborators. Schumer often works with fellow comedians Nikki Glaser, Rachel Feinstein, and Bridget Everett as they appear on her show.

2. She Celebrates Their Accomplishments

Her friend, the hilarious comedian Bridget Everett, had a special on Comedy Central premiere this past June. Here she is, in the midst of her busiest year and press for Trainwreck, celebrating her friend's special.

3. She Introduces Her High School Friends to Jennifer Lawrence

Here she is on The Daily Show explaining how the epic vacation with J. Law came to be. Every summer, even as her fame was rising and her obligations increased, she went on vacation with her high school friends. The other gals aren't in show business, bur are rather nurses and teachers. When Schumer half-jokingly invited Jennifer Lawrence to join the trip, J. Law took her up on the offer and joined the Long Island high school gang in the Hamptons. That's a good trick, kids — make friends in high school who are later going to be famous and have famous friends themselves.

4. She Dances to Backstreet Boys on a Boat in Switzerland

Here's a vid of Schumer and her sister, Kim Caramele, lovingly known on Schumer's social media as #roadmanager, on a boat in Switzerland dancing to "As Long as You Love Me." That sounds like a dream, but, for Schumer and pals, it is a reality.

5. She Babysits

Everybody stop, this is the cutest thing in the world. "#TheDutchess" makes frequent appearances on her Instagram; it's clear how much Schumer loves kids.

6. She Goes on Adventures

In my opinion, his image is more "#GirlSquad" awesomeness than all of "Bad Blood" combined.

7. She Honors Her Clique

Many celebs keep their hair and makeup teams behind the scenes, but Schumer honors them and makes sure they get the attention they deserve.

8. She Lets Her Friends Pick the Filter

A+, Nikki Glaser.

9. She Loves Her Friends Enough to #TBT

Nothing says "we go way back, and your friendship still means a lot to me" like proving it with a Throwback Thursday photo. (Granted the picture is embarrassing to be cute, not to be passive aggressive).

Not only is Schumer an amazing comedian, actress, writer, and now activist, but she's a great friend, and has been forever.