I Tried Jaclyn Hill's Champagne Pop Highlighter, And Yes, It Was Everything I Dreamed It Would Be

Let's talk about Champagne Pop, shall we? My girl Jaclyn Hill collaborated with BECCA Cosmetics to come out with her own shade of their super popular BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Powder, in Champagne Pop. It's a highlight, and it's on fleek, and I'm here to tell you all about it.

But first, let's talk about the creator. Jaclyn Hil is a professional makeup artist and YouTube beauty vlogger. Her channel has 2.2 million subscribers and they're all loyal fans, showing up to meet-and-greets in droves, buying her product collaborations (she has plenty, from lip glosses to eyeshadow palettes), and anxiously awaiting the day Jaclyn comes out with her own makeup line.

There's a lot to love about Jaclyn. Aside from the obvious: she's a total lady boss rocking her own business and budding empire at 25 years old. Plus, she is also really lovable and attentive to subscribers of every skintone, style, and beauty concern.

For what seemed like years, Jaclyn was singing the praises of BECCA Cosmetics and, specifically, their highlighters in her videos.The creamy texture, blendability, and range of colors made BECCA highlighters arguably the best on the market, but, let's be real: it was Jaclyn's word that really put the brand on the map. When BECCA approached Jaclyn and together they made a little limited edition beauty baby, the YouTube crowd went buck wild.

Champagne Pop came out first online, and I had to buy it there because I couldn't take off work to stand in line outside Sephora the day it hit stores (and, expectedly, sold out within a few short hours at my local mall). I've never owned a high-end highlight before, or any BECCA product. I had hardly any expectation for what this product could do for my makeup routine, and I wasn't entirely sold on the strobing technique.

The Product

Champagne Pop arrived at my door in the most adorable, standard square, gold packaging with a top texture that mimics a shiny, bubbly glass of champagne. On the back is Jaclyn's signature and description of the product.

Champagne Pop is packaged in BECCA's usual, circular rubber and tin packaging. It's sleek, durable, and perfect for traveling. I opened it to find what, in the pan, looks like the peachiest highlight I've ever seen. I was a bit scared, as someone who can range from pale to tan throughout the year (thank you, Irish and Native American ancestors), I was worried this color would not be versatile enough for every season and skintone.

The highlight is the same gorgeous, creamy texture as previous BECCA highlighters. A dry, dusty highlighter can make you look like you just came back from the strip club (and had a real good time). Glittery is not for the everyday office look, however. So I didn't mind paying $38.00 for a better quality product that blends into the skin in a natural way. This formula can create a healthy glow or a strobed out angelic highlight. Oh, and it's super buildable. I use a small fluffy brush from the drugstore to apply.

How Does It Work?

Strobing or highlighting typically calls for highlighting on the tops of the cheekbones, the inner corner of the eye, the bridge and tip of the nose, the cupid's bow, your chin, your brow bones and under your eyebrows, and under your contour. Basically, bathe your face in highlight and you have accomplished the strobing trend. Highlighting does create a lifted appearance, especially when applied to the cheeks and above or below (or both) the brow bones.

I used Champagne Pop to highlight my favorite features. I applied it on the tops of the cheekbones and on top of my blush for a strong highlight (you feel like this is too much for your style, apply the highlighter before your blush for a toned down approach). I applied to the inner corner of my eyes, my nose, my cupid's bow and my chin. I went stronger on the last two spots because my lips are my favorite feature, and I wanted to add depth, warmth, and attention to that area (plus, highlighting your upper lip will make it appear fuller). Whatever feature you love, even if that's your collar bones or shoulders, you can apply Champagne Pop to add light and warmth.

My Verdict

It is some strong stuff, and I went heavy-handed a la Jaclyn. The downfall of highlighter? It, well, highlights. Any little bumps or scars will be much more noticeable, and I noticed tiny bumps and weird texture at the tops of my cheeks that I usually never see sans highlight. Boo. But that aside, I think Champagne Pop is a great color and it makes me look much more awake when I have it on. If you're real into the "wide awake" look, you can lightly dust a layer of powder and then Champagne Pop over your under eye area.

I do love the warm-tone of this highlighter, and it is far more neutral when applied than it appears in the pan. A simple Instagram search of #ChampagnePop pulls up some gorgeous looks on all kinds of skin.

I had a highlighter in my makeup collection before, but never one of this high quality formulation or such a forgiving color. It's definitely a staple and worth the money, and more than anything I'm happy to support Jaclyn's efforts. When she isn't telling us how to blend out a contour or giving us beautiful products, she's promoting positivity and female empowerment online and in social media. She's made a fan out of me, and I hope BECCA gives this limited edition item a home in their permanent product lineup.

Image: Author's Own