Who Is Liz & Julia's Sister, Angela? She Is Just Obsessed With The 'Big Brother' Twins As You Are

When word about the Big Brother 17 'Twin Twist' got out, the ever-intuitive Jason was sure that Liz had a twin and that her name was Angela. That might not have been true but Jason wasn't too far off the mark there. Liz has a twin named Julia and another sister named Angela. But who is Angela Nolan, sister of the BB 17 twins?

Based off of what we already know about Liz and Julia, I think it's safe to say that Angela probably isn't a quiet (or modest) person. Or maybe she's the total opposite of the twins and is a meek little thing. However, based on what I have found out from my exhaustive internet stalking, Angela has just as big of a personality as her twin sisters (and, I'd be willing to bet, as big of an ego).

Angela Nolan has been mentioned a few times by Liz & Julia, though most of these instances have been featured only on the Live Feeds. For those of you who, unlike myself, have a life and don't incessantly stalk the Live Feeds, you probably don't know as much about Angela as you'd like. That's what I'm here for. You're welcome.

She Looks Just Like The Twins

Though not quite identical enough to be included as a triplet, Angela does look quite a bit like her sisters.

She Runs A Twitter Fanpage For Liz & Julia

Angela is an avid supporter of her sisters, going so far as to make a Big Brother Twitter fanpage for her sisters. Angela's Twitter fanpage has nearly 7.5k followers and is the perfect source for all the great Liz and Julia moments you could ever hope for.

She's Quite Sassy

This is one thingI didn't find too surprising. Liz and Julia both have very big (read: sometimes annoying) personalities and Angela is no exception to the apparent Nolan rule.

She's Not Afraid To Stick Up For Her Sisters

I would hate to get on a Nolan's bad side.

Things change so often in the house, though, it can be hard to keep track — so, for all the up-to-date info on Liz and Julia's houseguest status, as well as everything else going on in the house, check out Bustle's very own Big Brother podcast, The Diary Room. Listen to the latest episode below, and be sure to check out future episodes on Bustle’s SoundCloud page.

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