Why I'll Always Have A Crush On Ron Weasley

If you’re anything like me, then you’re no stranger to crushing on fictional characters. In fact, you’ve probably had more crushes on fictional people than you have on real people — and I totally get it. Maybe it’s the English major in me, but I’ve always felt there’s just something extra special about the hotties we meet in books. What’s even better, though, is when our book crushes are just as awesome in their film adaptations — and, personally, I can’t think of any fictional character who pulls this off better than Ronald Weasley. I know Harry Potter may be the more obvious choice to crush on. I mean, he’s got the whole “chosen one” thing going for him and all, he is beast AF at Defense Against the Dark Arts. But there are so many reasons why I’ll always have a crush on Ron Weasley (and Rupert Grint, for that matter) instead.

If you’ve ever imagined yourself as Ron’s date to the Yule Ball, or considered what it might be like to run your fingers through that glorious red mane of his, then you know what I’m talking about. Here are nine reasons I’ll always have a crush on Ron Weasley:

1. He's A Loyal Friend

For the most part, Ron sticks by Harry and Hermione’s side no matter what. Yes, he bailed on them in the Forest of Dean — but he came back. And, yes, there were periods of time throughout the trio’s Hogwarts experience where they all took turns being mad at each other. But Ron was Harry’s champion even when the whole school hated him for it.

Harry was kind of a moody jerk in parts of books 5-7, but Ron never gave up on him. Even when they were at odds during the Triwizard Tournament, Ron still went out of his way to make sure Harry knew he’d be facing dragons in the first task. (Not to mention the fact that being Harry Potter’s best friend was downright dangerous, and Ron wanted to be his friend anyway.)

2. He's An Open Book

Ron can’t hide his emotions. He may be a little insensitive at times, like when he freaked out at Hermione just for going to the Yule Ball with Victor Krum. But even if his honesty can be a little brutal sometimes, you've got to appreciate his consistent truthfulness.

3. He's Hilarious

I don’t think it’s possible to be a Weasley without also having a good sense of humor. I mean, Fred and George ran their own joke shop, and even Mrs. Weasley got me to chuckle a few times throughout the Harry Potter Series. But Ron makes me laugh almost every time he’s in a scene, whether it’s meant to be a humorous scene or not. He’s just one of those characters who’s funny even when they’re trying to be serious. Literally every time Ron and Harry are pictured in a dangerous situation, Ron’s reactions make me giggle.

Since I love a guy who can make me laugh, and who just generally loves to laugh, Ron’s natural hilarity is definitely a huge contributor to my crush.

4. He's A Good Brother

Ron cares about his family, and he’s always there for his siblings, without being annoyingly involved in their business. When Ginny started dating Harry, Ron didn’t get super uncomfortable and overprotective about it, even though it was kind of weird for him. In fact, he didn’t try to stop the relationship from happening at all. Not all older brothers would be that chill about their best friend dating their little sister.

5. He's Brave

Like I said above, being Harry Potter’s friend was super dangerous and almost constantly put Ron (and Hermione) in terrifying situations. But even though Ron was never too proud to admit when he was scared sh*tless, (like when he and Harry ended up in Aragog's lair) he never let his fear keep him from going on adventures and having his friends' backs.

6. He Successfully Wooed Hermione

I also happen to have a huge crush on Miss Granger, so the fact that Ron ultimately succeeded in wooing her impresses me. I think we all like guys who are into smart, powerful, successful women rather than being intimidated by them.

7. He Has Awesome Hair

Crushes are obviously about way more than looks, but who doesn’t get heart eyes for Ron’s awesome red hair and adorable freckles?

8. He's Sweet To Animals

Although I feel like having a rat for a pet is super weird, and Scabbers actually turned out to be the lying scum that is Peter Pettigrew, I still appreciate how kind and gentle Ron was with his pet rat. Even when Scabbers bit the crap out of his hand, Ron was still gentle with him — and he's also really sweet with Pigwidgeon and Errol. (Even though Errol's decrepitness embarrassed him a bit, and Pigwidgeon was crazy hyper all day, erryday.)

There’s just something really endearing about a person, or character, who’s good to animals. It’s more proof they've got a good heart. In both real life and fiction, this sweet behavior toward fuzzy things makes me crush hard.

9. He’s A Gryffindor

Okay, all of the Hogwart's houses are great. They really are. But, come on, I think we all know that Gryffindor is kind of the best one. Gryffindors are tough and clever and brave and even a little bit naughty sometimes. Since Ron’s a Gryffindor, he’s all of those things too. And that's why I’ll always have a crush on him.

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