Did Vanessa Blow Up Her Own Game On ‘Big Brother 17’ By Lying About The Generals Alliance?

I feel as if I ask myself every day: When will Big Brother 's Vanessa ever learn? Paying attention to which houseguests are friends in the Big Brother house is just as important as making friends, building alliances, and winning competitions on your own. Because, no matter how honest a person in the Big Brother house may seem, if you tell them something about another houseguest who they’re closer to, you can be sure that whatever you said is going to go right back to the person you were talking about in the first place. So, when Vanessa told Jackie, Meg, and James about “The Generals,” a fake alliance she supposedly formed with Becky, Clay, and Shelli, she not only told the wrong people, but also she totally blew up her own game.

The accusations flying around about Vanessa this week are that she is two-faced and that she is playing both sides. Which means Vanessa telling James, Jackie, and Meg about an alliance she formed with their friend was a bad move for two reasons: One, It showed that she is two-faced and willing to turn her back on the alliances she has formed, and two, it confirmed that she is playing both sides since she came to them with news of this new alliance. Someone who goes back and forth like that certainly shouldn’t be trusted in building new alliances. After this, I wouldn’t join an alliance with Vanessa, that’s for damn sure.

But the other huge blunder that she made in telling James, Jackie, and Meg about “The Generals” is that she basically told Becky’s closest allies a secret that Becky had trusted her with. How long do you think it will take for Jackie, James, or Meg to tell Becky about Vanessa’s betrayal? Even if the alliance is fake, the fact that Vanessa is lying yet again is only hurting her game in the long run.

For someone who started out playing such an honest game — erm, except for that whole lying-about-her-profession thing — Vanessa has definitely resorted to lying and dodging responsibility since she has been on the block. Is that a symptom of being almost evicted? Has it ever helped any houseguests to just be straight up honest the HoH in the hopes of saving themselves?

I’m not sure if that move would ultimately screw Vanessa over, but I think that might be the only chance she has to stay in this game. Come clean, stop lying, quit playing both sides, Vanessa — it’s time to show your hand, and to admit that you’ve been bluffing all along.

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