14 Times Becky Threw Shade At Vanessa And Gave #BeckyUpdate Something To Talk About

We are in the prime weeks of Big Brother. Lies have been told, alliances have been broken, and friends have been sent home. The game is getting bloody and the houseguests are starting to show their true colors. Slowly but surely, we are beginning to understand the minds of the Big Brother players... well, except for Becky, who continues to be a massive wildcard. She evades definition and surprises us at every turn, like with Becky's sudden Vanessa vendetta. Becky is throwing shade at Vanessa left and right and, thanks to our voyeuristic ability to constantly stalk the Big Brother happenings, we get to bask in the glorious light of her shade.

Vanessa has a target on her back and Becky is gunning for her hard. Vanessa's number was bound to come up soon and, sure enough, her moment has arrived. Vanessa has made herself out to be this walking symbol of truth-telling and loyalty but she has an uncanny way of condemning others for being manipulative while simultaneously manipulating all around her. Some might even go so far as to call her a hypocrite.

With the Sixth Sense alliance being in power for a good portion of this season, Vanessa was safe. But there's a new sheriff in town and she will sooner take a train to the face and walk away from it than let Vanessa off the hook. If Becky has her way, there's a Big Brother back door with Vanessa's name on it. Only time will tell if she keeps from being pushed out.

As we wait to find out if Vanessa will meet her demise, you can amuse yourself with these 14 times Becky threw shade at Vanessa and begin to appreciate Becky in a whole new way.


I can't decide if this is the greatest or lamest diss ever. Will report back.

Vanessa's Lies Are Revealed

And the recipients of said lies are not happy.

Becky Schemes

Vanessa won't know what hit her.

Vanessa's Word Is Not Her Bond

And Becky knows it.

Becky Gets Snarky


Becky Has Seen The Light

Finally someone sees through Vanessa's BS.

Backdoor Becky

Becky has a nice little backdoor plan cooked up for Vanessa.

The Truth Comes Out

Nobody messes with Clelli and lives to tell the tale.

Vanessa's Word Isn't Worth Much These Days

People are finally starting to see through her poker face.

Selfish Gameplay

Some would say that this is just how Big Brother works but I have a feeling Becky isn't one of those people.

HoH Becky Doesn't Mess Around

Take your deals elsewhere 'cause Becky won't have them.

Becky Is Relentless

There is no love lost between Becky and Vanessa.

Torches and Pitchforks

Becky is referring here to when Vanessa didn't get a hug from Jason after he was evicted and Vanessa immediately went to the backyard to Jame and co. to blame Clelli for the eviction.

This Is Becky's House

And Becky will do (and speak in third person) as she pleases.

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Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS