What To Wear On A First Date To Stay Comfortable

by Tyler Atwood

Attempting to determine the perfect first date outfit can be an quite the sartorial challenge. Without any prior knowledge of your plus-one's preferences (and yes, we're allowed to have preferences ADD LINK) the simplest solution is to stick with chic and classic combinations like a curve-grazing sheath and heels, or a pair of skinny jeans and a silk tank. However, how you feel in your clothing is just as important as your appearance. After all, nothing extinguishes the intimacy of a romantic evening quite like severe foot pain caused by six-inch heels or wheezing caused by a bustier cinched too tightly. Thankfully, dating in the 21st century requires no torturous contraptions created to limit movement or breath — and some of the most alluring ensembles are also the most comfortable.

However, chances are you do want to get a little more dolled up than dragging your gym clothes out of the laundry or slipping into your yoga leggings. No matter where your rendezvous takes you, you should dress in a manner that accentuates your favorite features and underscores your luminous personality. Before you reach for your sweatpants and sneakers, scroll through for seven date night ensembles that are fetching, fashionable, and incredibly cozy.

1. Distressed Denim And Sandals

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Don't discount denim simply because of the fabric's casual reputation. Lightly distressed denim paired with a simple white v-neck tee shirt and heeled sandals will appear utilitarian and laid-back while providing you with the utmost comfort.

2. A Curve-Hugging Cotton Dress

The striped, short-sleeve dress or ruched grey midi frock you habitually reserve for brunch with friends is also ideal for a first date. A simple, figure-skimming frock paired with ankle booties or pointy-toe flats will lend your appearance casual femininity without while remaining movement-friendly.

3. A Chiffon Maxi Skirt And Off-The-Shoulder Top

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Embrace romance with a bohemian ensemble composed of a peasant top and floor-grazing maxi skirt made of pastel chiffon. Without worrying about walking in a bandage or bodycon silhouette, you can focus your attention where it truly should be placed: on your date.

4. Boyfriend Jeans And A Blouse

Sporting a pair of slightly loose, cuffed jeans and a silk blouse will signal to your date that you're creative and confident, a winning combination in a significant other. Pair the ensemble with heels for greater formality, or flats for a more relaxed outing.

5. Silk Joggers And A Blazer

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A dinner date at a four-star restaurant does not require you to don a dress and heels. In fact, your grand entrance will be even more impactful if you choose tailored silk joggers and a blazer instead.

6. A Slip Dress And Slouchy Sweater

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The slip dress never quite slithered off the fashion radar, and autumn is shaping up to be an ode to the '90s sartorial staple. Wow your date by donning a silk slip dress with an oversized cashmere sweater tossed over your shoulders for good measure.

7. Culottes And A Crop Top

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Comfortable culottes are no longer the cringeworthy style they once appeared to be; in fact, pairing a wide-legged style with a chic crop top for a first date may be even more arresting than a simple skirt.

Images: Andrew Zaeh/Bustle