Let's Talk About CeCe & Jason's "Relationship"

It's official. After almost six seasons of secrets, lies, and murder, Pretty Little Liars fans now know that CeCe Drake is Charles DiLaurentis. With that said, that wasn't the only mystery solved during the Season 6A finale. You know what else fans learned? All about CeCe and Jason's relationship on Pretty Little Liars. Remember how they dated in the past, but it ended for undisclosed reasons? Well, now fans know why that is — you know, because CeCe and Jason are related. Yeah, totally messed up, right?

It's so weird that she knowingly dated Jason, aka her brother. To be clear, CeCe confirmed to Ali nothing sexual happened between the two, which explains why Jason was "angry" all the time. You know, because he was so, ahem, frustrated. With that said, apparently CeCe had Jason at "hello" during their high school days. They connected on another level, which makes sense, especially because they're siblings.

However, do all my fellow Liars agree that it's really, really messed up that CeCe and Jason dated? I mean, at least CeCe admitted it was bad, but still. As if the Toby/Jenna stuff in the beginning of the show wasn't terrible enough we get another incest plotline. PLL needs to stop.

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Images: Screengrab/ABC Family