Justin Bieber Promotes "What Do You Mean?" With Help From His Many (Maaaannny) Celeb Friends — PHOTOS

Say what you want about Justin Bieber and his messy past few years, he still has an army of dedicated Beliebers by his side and a huge circle of celebrity friends. (Honestly, he might be giving Taylor Swift and her group of friends a run for their money.) Bieber has been back on the radio with his collaboration with Diplo and Skrillex's duo Jack Ü called "Where Are Ü Now?" and it seems the 21-year-old is not done with asking very important and obscure questions of the public. Justin Bieber is about to release "What Do You Mean?" the first single from his newest album, and he's enlisted a lot of his celeb friends to promote the song with him.

On July 29, Bieber stopped by On Air with Ryan Seacrest and announced that he would be putting out the single in 30 days. Subsequently, Ryan Seacrest kicked off the countdown with a video on Bieber's Instagram, and he encouraged fellow fans to join in on the fun.

Naturally, Bieber couldn't have just one celebrity helping him out during the big countdown, so here are just some of the pop star's other celeb friends who are getting fans exciting for the release of "What Do You Mean?" on August 28.

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan is excited for the millions of Beliebers who are about to bombard his radio lines, can't you tell?

Ariana Grande

The "shocked" face is the new duck face, but at least this one is for a cause.

Madison Beer

Madison Beer is being a good protégé and supporting her mentor.


New pop queen Halsey did her best Bieber selfie look.

J. Balvin

Bieber is making sure to get that Latino vote, too! Hey J. Balvin!

Ashley Benson

Benzo took a break in the midst of Pretty Little Liars finale chaos to promote the Biebs.

Mariah Carey

When you get QUEEN Mariah to scribble a little note, you win everything. And I WILL listen to what she has to say.

Shaquille O'Neal

Bieber even poked fun at Shaq spelling his name wrong, but he gets an A for Effort.

Big Sean

Big Sean looks really excited to spread the word.

Kylie Jenner

She was going to take a kiss selfie anyway, so why not help out your friend while she's at it?

Little Mix

The Little Mix ladies took a break from their crazy schedule to shout out Bieber.

Ed Sheeran

Um, when is Ed Sheeran's version available?

Ruby Rose

Bieber's twin decided to promote his single while chilling on a little boat, looking very much like Bieber himself.

August 28 is coming up soon, but until then, be sure to keep your eye out on social media for even more celebrity posts.