Did Becky's Big Move Screw Up Her Game On BB17?

by Marenah Dobin

To be honest, if it wasn't for the live feeds I probably would have forgotten that Becky Burgess was living in the Big Big Brother 17 house. For awhile, she didn't make any game moves. She had no alliances. She had no social game. Becky was completely under the radar. So, I had no idea what she was going to do when she became Head of Household. I just figured that she wanted to be HoH because of the guaranteed safety since it didn't seem like she had a tight group of friends, but she was actually getting ready to make a major game move. Becky decided to nominate Shelli and Steve with Vanessa as the real backdoor target. Well damn. She went from zero to one hundred real quick.

Vanessa has been behind every elimination in the house, whether she was targeting someone to leave or swaying the votes to save one of her allies. This was a baller move on Becky's part. She told everyone she was targeting Johnny Mac, but she ended up blindsiding Vanessa at the Power of Veto ceremony. Vanessa flipped out and went into a hibernation/cry fest and it seemed like her eviction was pretty much guaranteed and that Becky's plan worked. But now, I'm not so sure. Vanessa has used her poker player skills to read and manipulate the house, and it seems like Shelli is the one going home. So, what would this mean for Becky's game? Did she just go from being a fly on the wall to a major target?

I have to give Vanessa props as a game player. She has had a lot of control throughout the game and has been able to distribute the blame around so it wasn't obvious. The woman is so fired up right now. If you've been following the live feeds you can see that she is beyond offended that Becky wouldn't make a deal with her and even more furious that Becky put her up on the block.

If Vanessa ends up staying and she, Austin, Steve, Julia, or Liz become HoH, Becky would have to watch her back. She would only have Johnny Mac, James, and Meg on her side so the odds aren't stocked in her favor. Becky should try what she can to send Vanessa to jury because she is in trouble otherwise. It was bold for her to step up and make a big move, but if it backfires she could be the next to go — such is the way of Big Brother.

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Image: CBS