Are Becky & Johnny Mac An Alliance On 'Big Brother 17'? They've Gone From Almost-Showmance To Allies

In the past few weeks of Big Brother 17, Becky really came out of nowhere to suddenly become a major player. She was barely in the first TV episodes of the season, until she became Head of Household and caused some major drama. Since then, we have seen more of her and have learned about her strategy in this game, which includes being adamantly against "deals" and "alliances." Despite that stance, I've been wondering if Becky and Johnny Mac are in an alliance, because they do seem to be looking out for each other.

John has been a chronic pawn in the game and has skated through by winning the Power of Veto and being a pretty likable dude. Neither he nor Becky seems to have very strong ties to the two main alliances in the house, which makes them both very mysterious players. Then on top of that, they seem kind of into each other. It's not shown much on the show, but if you follow the Big Brother live feeds, you can see that there's a strong energy between the two houseguests. It hasn't turned into anything romantic, but I think it has potential. With all that said, I am curious about whether or not Becky and Johnny Mac are actually in a two-person alliance.

To cut to the chase, there hasn't been anything said about an official alliance, but it's pretty clear that they are loyal to each other. Becky put up Steve instead of go-to-pawn Johnny Mac when she was HoH, and assured him that he was safe in the live feeds.

They seem to get along very well and will have each other's back in the game, but when it comes down to it, I think each of them will do whatever it takes to get ahead on Big Brother. But for now, they seem to have each other's backs as two social outsiders in the house. They also hold a lot of power as the swing votes for major decisions down the line, since the house is divided (unless one of them is on the block, of course). It seems to me that they both have a loyalty to each other because they enjoy spending time together, but there's a reason that they haven't used the word alliance yet on Big Brother 17. For more on this season's gameplay, check out Bustle's podcast The Diary Room below.

Image: CBS