The 'Archer' Season 7 Guest Stars Are Top Secret, Because Spies

When the cast and creators of Archer took to the stage at San Diego Comic-Con, they were uncharacteristically quiet about what was coming next. The animated hit will return to FX next year, but we didn't learn much about how the series will change or even who will guest star on Archer Season 7? For the most part, it's a mystery! In the past, the animated series has boasted such familiar voices as Burt Reynolds, Kenny Loggins, Christian Slater, and Bryan Cranston. They're good at getting talent that you wouldn't expect to find on an animated show (with perhaps the exception ofThe Simpsons.)

Now that the spies have moved on from the CIA and FBI (and changed their organization's name, for obvious reasons) they'll be in need of some new blood. Zap2It spoke with producer Matt Thompson, who confirmed that Woodhouse would be back for Archer Season 7. Both Slater and Special Agent Hawley will be sticking around as well. He also revealed who three of his dream guest stars would be — and as of a Nerdist interview with executive producer Casey Willis in July 2015, no actor has ever turned Archer down. Alongside one definite name for next season, here's who we can cross our fingers for an Archer appearance sometime in the future.

Confirmed Guest Star: Patton Oswalt

Willis also revealed that Patton Oswalt will guest star on Archer, and honestly you shouldn't be surprised. You can find this comedian everywhere, whether it's distributing lanyards on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., narrating The Goldbergs, or harassing his coworkers on Veep.He's also an accomplished voice artist in animation who plays many roles on Bojack Horseman on Netflix and voiced the title role in Ratatouille, an underrated Pixar film.

Dream Guest Star: Tom Selleck

The '80s star really is the show's aesthetic, isn't he? Plus, as Matt Thompson pointed out, Archer himself loves Magnum P.I.

Dream Guest Star: Nick Kroll

This shouldn't be too hard — the actor is in a lot of the same comedy circles as the cast of Archerand plays a variety of characters on The Kroll Show that utilize his vocal talents.

Dream Guest Star: Daniel Craig

The James Bond references on Archer are undeniable, and have even started to bleed into the Bond universe. However, Matt Thompson said that he'd "want him to play really against Daniel Craig’s muscularity type. I think he would be super interesting to comment upon what we’re doing." Would that mean a lap tech? An artist? If they're able to get him, this already sounds like a fun role.

My Dream: Rashida Jones

All of these confirmed and hopeful guests are male, what about the ladies? I'd love to see someone like Rashida Jones, who had a cameo in Inside Out and has a humor that would fit well within the Archer universe. Some other choices with the right balance of secret agent authority and humor could include Ming-Na Wen, Stephanie Beatriz, and Dame Hellen Mirren. Hopefully, Archer will continue to expand its family in Season 7!

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