Why 'BB17' Houseguests Should Evict Vanessa Now

by Emily Lackey

There are only two more days before the Big Brother houseguests decide who goes home this week. ICYMI, things have already started going wild: After winning the Power of Veto, Steve used the veto to save himself, and Becky nominated Vanessa to replace him. In other words... the thing that Becky was hoping would happen all along has finally happened. This means that, for another week in a row, the two biggest threats in the house are on the block. So that means Vanessa is definitely going home this week, right?

Well, OK — not necessarily. There is always a chance that the players will change their minds in the Big Brother house, and there is always a chance that the unexpected will happen. But, one thing is definitely clear: Not sending Vanessa home on Thursday night would be, like, the dumbest thing the houseguests have done this season.

I know I shouldn’t worry so much about this — mainly because it’s a television show in which I have no actual stakes, but also because I should trust the houseguests to make the right decisions for themselves. But you know what? I don’t trust those people as far as I can throw them. Evicting Clay over Shelli? Going for Jason instead of Austin? Half the time I watch this show and wonder these people are thinking.

This is why I’m worried that the houseguests are going to get all kinds of distracted this week and make the biggest mistake of the season. I could see them being confused by their alliances with Vanessa or by feeling threatened by Shelli and getting sidetracked from the main target here: Vanessa. These houseguests seriously need to keep their eyes on the prize and work their way through the eviction list like clockwork: Vanessa this week, Shelli next week, Austin the next.

Repeat after me, houseguests: Vanessa this week. Shelli next week. Austin the next.

So, as much as the way forward seems clear to me, I’m already predicting some unpredictable upset to happen between now and Thursday night. Shelli could hook up with James, maybe, or Vanessa could strike a deal with Becky. Who knows! The only thing I do know for sure is that it would be a dumb move not to get rid of Vanessa now while you still have the chance. She’s on the block, which means she knows she’s in trouble — and if she knows she’s in trouble, she’s going to fight even harder to stay next week during the HoH and PoV challenge.

And the last thing these houseguests need is Vanessa ruling the roost again. That’s how they lost so many of their closest allies.

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Image: CBS (2)