Get Ready For More CeCe On 'PLL'

by Kaitlin Reilly

We finally know who A is, and it's... complicated. Pretty Little Liars finally revealed the identity of Big A in the Season 6A finale "Game Over, Charles," and it was a character few fans would say was obvious. ICYMI, CeCe Drake was revealed as Big A, in a shocking twist of events. During a heartbreaking confession, CeCe told Ali that she was left alone in Radley all because her father wouldn't accept CeCe for who she was, something that ultimately led her down a destructive path. While we may be done with the Big A story on Pretty Little Liars, though, reports are suggesting that we are not done with CeCe. In fact, Vanessa Ray and creator I. Marlene King's interview with Buzzfeed states that CeCe will have an even bigger role to play when Pretty Little Liars returns for Season 6B.

While I would argue that there's probably no bigger role than playing A on Pretty Little Liars, the upcoming season will likely show CeCe as CeCe — no hiding behind masks or black hoodies this time around. CeCe's game as A is over, but that doesn't mean that CeCe's time on the show is. Whatever CeCe's up to in the new season, it likely won't have anything to do with the A game.

So what might CeCe be doing when Pretty Little Liars picks up after five years? Here are some ideas...

1. Ali Will Take Care Of Her

If all CeCe ever wanted was to get close to her sister, this might be her chance. In an interview with Zap2It, Ray even hints that CeCe could be why Ali stays in Rosewood when all the other girls scatter across the globe. Also, according to showrunner I. Marlene King's interview with EW, there was a deleted scene which depicted Ali, Jason, and CeCe at a mental facility completely different from Radley (so, you know, one that's modern and actually helpful the patients). If this new facility is in Rosewood, perhaps Ali is staying nearby to make sure CeCe gets the help she needs?

2. She'll Be "The New Mona"

Mona was the original A, and yet she was able to win over the liars by proving her loyalty to them after she gave up the game. As we saw in the Season 6A finale, CeCe also gave up the game. Now that the show is jumping ahead five years into the future, CeCe might truly be a changed person — could she help the liars track down whatever villain is after them in the present day?

3. She'll Be Up To Her A Ways Again

As much as I would hate for this to happen, it's completely plausible for CeCe to only have pretended to give up the game — as CeCe said herself, it's "addictive." We know that A won't be the big villain chasing after the girls when the series picks up again, but that doesn't mean that CeCe can't be helping this newbie out behind the scenes.

4. She'll Be The Latest Murder Victim

Even more depressing than CeCe putting that black hoodie on again? The possibility that she could very well be the victim of whoever is attempting to take down the girls next. If CeCe gets the help she needs, she might become the liars and Ali's biggest ally — which wouldn't bode well for someone attempting to hurt them down the line.

The CeCe reveal was certainly jaw-dropping, but what comes next for this character could ultimately be just as surprising.

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