What Disney Princesses Look Like Without Make Up

If there is one thing this beautiful generation will never tire of, it's photoshopping Disney princesses — and lo and behold, today the internet brings us Disney princesses without makeup. And by the internet, I mean photoshopping extraordinaire Loryn Brantz, who is also responsible for the recent Disney princesses as old ladies and Disney princesses with realistic hair. Now we're getting the low key sleepover version of all our faves, and it will make you want to marathon a bunch of Netflix (Mulan is still on there, right?) with them in PJs on your couch.

I think the universe wanted this to happen to us on a Wednesday, because this is right around that time of the week that even the most faithful makeup wearers are #done with surrendering an extra push of the snooze button to their makeup routine. No doubt the same thing would happen to our favorite Disney princesses. They've got kingdoms to run, y'all. Ain't nobody got time to perfect a waterproof cat eye when they're leading an entire fictional country/opening their own insanely busy restaurant/keeping an army of men in line. And besides, they rock the au naturel look every bit as flawlessly as they do with their makeup on. The proof is in the pudding:

Elsa With Makeup

Elsa Without Makeup

Can we talk about how the lack of makeup only seems to make her sass game STRONGER? She may have magical ice powers, but she also has magical brow powers, and I am under their spell. I'm also secretly digging that this is a cartoon approximation of what I looked like when I crawled out of bed at 6 a.m. today — you know, minus the glittery blue ballgown and the kind of inheritance that people have murdered their siblings for.

Tiana With Makeup

Tiana Without Makeup

I suspect that Tiana basically never sleeps ever, cuz she's a boss b*tch and she doesn't need to deal with all of our mortal crap, thank you very much. But just like Elsa, her powers of sass only seem to grow stronger sans makeup. These two ladies prove that makeup, although fun to play with and put all over yourself at Sephora during your lunch break (what?), doesn't alter who you are as a human in your core.

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