Londoners Dancing On The Tube Will Make Your Day

To celebrate the end of the latest tube strike, there was a spontaneous dance party on the London tube, and it got rowdy in the best way. First, a bit of background for you non-Londoners: the London tube strikes have been hot and heavy this year. There have been strike days scheduled throughout the summer and from Trafalgar Square to Piccadilly Circus, people are pissed. And I'm not using "pissed" to mean drunk. I mean it in the good ol' fashioned way. Typically, prior to any strike (each of which usually lasts 24 hours), the Transport For London website will put out a notification that says, for example: "Tube unions are planning 24-hour strike action on the Tube from 21:00 Tuesday 25 August and again from 21:00 on Thursday 27 August."

So, yeah. That's happening in London, and people are understandably a little frustrated.

There have been strikes on July 8 and August 6. The most recent strike was last week, and it caused two days of craziness and inconvenience between Wednesday and Friday. The strike commotion is certainly not without cause. Unions are unhappy with conditions will be imposed on them when the Night Tube service starts up, which should be in September. All that to say, when the most recent tube strike ended, folks were down for a celebration. Here is a look at what happens when the tube starts running again:

It Goes From This

Where people are relieved to have the tube running, but also look like they can't really be bothered by the man in the suit and bow tie.

To ~~This~~

Where people are elated (at the very least) to see the end of the tube strike and are basking in the glory of their tube companions. See, told you it got rowdy in a good way. $100 says someone starts making out at this party.

Watch The Full Video Of The Spontaneous Dance Party That Erupted On The Tube When The Last Strike Ended:

What a great song choice.

This video came from the same crew who brought us hidden camera footage of random acts of kindness that took place around London.

For Good Measure, We Should Probably Watch That Video Too:

For more follow Action Productions and Peter Sharp. Pip pip cheerio, lads.

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