'Big Brother' Live Feed Screencaps That Are Weird

by Emily Lackey

There are a lot of things that I don't understand about the Big Brother house — but getting caught doing some bizarre things by the cameras is definitely not one of them. I mean, think about it: These poor houseguests are cooped up in a house — which is really like a live studio — for three months without Internet, television, or any kind of access to the outside world. And, on top of that, they're filmed for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Anyone who has ever lived with someone else — whether it be at camp or college or in roommate situation — can tell you that, given enough time, people start to do some weird things. Which is why one of my favorite things as a Big Brother fan is watching all of the weird stuff that goes down on the live feeds. Some of it is intentionally playful and hilarious, but other things are just downright bizarre.

They might make no sense to the outside world, but I would imagine this would happen to any of us if we were in similar situations. Give me enough time with a camera in my face, and the right screencap, and I'm sure I'd be looking like a fool all the time in there.

So let's celebrate the houseguests' finer moments, shall we? Below is a collection of screencaps from the live feeds that are so bizarre, they don't even make sense. With or without the context.


That Time The Camera Zoomed In On The Fish

Flounder here is totally the 17th houseguest.

That Time Steve Drooled Honey

Or, like, fell asleep mid-consumption? Who knows what happened here.

When The Shark Became Meg's Best Friend

Actually — everyone's best friend, really.

When Steve Played Beach Games With The Camera

I know he likes to talk to the audience on the regular, but he does realize we can't throw the ball back to him, right?

But what do I know? All of these are just guesses as to what the heck the houseguests are doing. Because, with or without context, these pictures are just downright bizarre. But also totally the best things ever, am I right?

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Image: CBS (5)