Liz Admits She Likes Austin On 'BB17'

Well, my worst fear came true on Wednesday. I'm looking out the window for flying pigs, because Liz admitted she liked Austin on Big Brother 17 , and I think everyone around the world was like WTF, Liz? Up until this point in the game, Liz stood by the fact that she only tolerated Austin because he's her bestie in the house, but there was no way that she liked him liked him (sorry for the junior high vernacular). But, the tides have changed because now Liz is saying she's into Austin. Take it in.

Liz said that she has switched her opinion on how she feels about Austin. She's really into his personality now, I guess. She no longer cringes when he kisses her. Even though Liz admittedly usually goes for the hot Miami guy, she's now singing a different tune which I'm sure Austin loves to hear. The only thing Liz hopes for down the road is that she can one day convince him to chop off his ponytail beard.

Girl, don't we all.

Perhaps the most reasonable outlook on this entire tragedy is Julia's reaction to watching her sister and Judas canoodle on the chairs. I'd introduce this picture with more context, but I really don't think it's necessary.

In this moment, we were all Julia. Julia was all of us. We are all one on this journey of making this Liztin showmance end ASAP, because I guess it's finally time that we call them that. Unfortunately. And, may I send my condolences to Julia. You have an army of people rooting for you outside of that house, Julia. At this point, I don't even care if you win Big Brother. Your new mission is to break up Liztin.

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Images: Monty Brinton/CBS