Becky Talks Her Train Accident On 'Big Brother 17' & It's Pretty Inspiring, Proving She's A Total "Trainiac"

Basic Becky is anything but basic when it comes to her past experiences outside the Big Brother house. Sure, Becky is kind of a beige player, but outside of Big Brother 17 , Becky has survived a horrific accident and has been through a lot. I'm talking about, of course, the fact that Becky was hit in the face by a train and survived it. And, she is taking names as HoH, now. So, who got the last laugh, train?

We've heard Becky talk about her train experience before. She hasn't been shy about her accident, which is cool because who doesn't want to hear about someone who took a train to the face and can still tell the tale? Instead, Becky's been pretty open, honest, and strong about her tragedy, and Wednesday's episode was no exception.

During the comic book Veto competition, Becky's comic cover was called "Trainiac." HA HA, Big Brother. I see what you did there. Some people might think that Becky's cover was insensitive, but those people should take a page out of #BasicBecky's playbook, because girlfriend is not upset about the cover. If anything, she was a really good sport about it.

I love my comic book cover. The tragedy in my life is what has made me the strong woman that I am today. It's kind of poetic in a way. It's like Hilary Swank meets Iron Man, fighting a train. It's perfect.

Kudos to Becky for taking such an experience and finding strength from it. She might not be the most dynamic player to play Big Brother, but I'm not going to let that affect the fact that I think she's a total badass who people should totally look up to in the face of adversity (and trains).

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Images: Cliff Lipson/CBS