'Poldark' Season 2 Spoilers Promise More Of Everything, Especially Romance

Is anyone else going through some serious Poldark withdrawal? The Poldark season finale was only a few weeks ago, but my Sundays just don't feel the same without having a shirtless Aidan Turner to look forward to. I know, life's tough. When we last left our handsome scoundrel, he was going through a bit of a tough time. His wife Demelza made it through the putrid throat (something I am endlessly glad not to have to encounter in these wonderfully modern times), only to have to tell her that their daughter was not so fortunate. Just as they were saying goodbye to baby Julia, Ross is seized (literally out of Demelza's arms) and hauled off to jail. Now facing a long wait before we an finally see where all of this leads, I've turned to Poldark Season 2 spoilers for comfort.

In addition to Ross' shocking end, Warleggan finally got his way and bribed the authorities into arresting Ross for inciting a riot and murdering his cousin, even though the cousin clearly died in the shipwreck. So, yeah things are complicated as he is dragged away to his incarcerations. If it were anyone else, I'd be worried about him dying in those disgusting jails, but it's Ross Poldark, so I think we can rest easy there. What's next? Here's everything I could dig up about Poldark Season 2, as well as some predictions.

The Love Triangle Returns

I have to say, I was really enjoying that they put the love triangle on hold (#TeamDemelza) early on in the season. I've also been enjoying Elizabeth and Demelza's friendship. Unfortunately, it looks like it was too good to last, as Turner spoke to the Daily Star about Ross' love life and said, "All I can say at the moment is that love is a very complex thing. It is so deep and there are so many layers."

Hotter & Heavier

Part of what made the show such a hit was the love affair, and often topless Turner. It seems like that is getting cranked up to an 11 next year, to the disappointment of no one ever.


Expect more episodes coming your way. Turner told The Huffington Post that we'd have more to burn through next season. "It's going to be longer than it was last year. We're going to start September, I think first week of September... or second week of September. I think we go until like the first week in April. We've two extra episodes this season, which is amazing. The shoot is probably seven and a half months or something like that. A bit longer than last year."

Jailbreak Time

OK, we are moving into speculation here, but I am guessing that Ross will be broken out of jail by Demelza, and the townspeople who love him. You think she's just going to sit around and do nothing?

Legal Woes For Days

Ross has angered a ton of powerful people in his quest for justice and fairness. Bankers, judges, pretty much the entire 1 percent of Cornwall is against him. Even if Demelza does bust him out of jail, he will still have plenty of legal woes to get out of.

Another Baby On The Way

Finally, some good news. We know that Poldark is a book adaptation, and the second book in the series is titled Jeremy, after Ross and Demelza's son. Hopefully, this one lives a long and healthy life.

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