Is Clare Crawley Single After 'Bachelor in Paradise'? The Show Veteran May Want a Relationship, But Would Never Settle

For her tenure on Bachelor in Paradise Seasons 1 & 2, Clare Crawley deserves a medal. She's been edited into the type of person who's only confidantes are a wine-swilling raccoon and a crab that washed up on the beach, and she's been mocked for her age (for literally no reason), and for her (probably unwise) genuine search for love on the Bachelor franchise. So, did she find love, or is Bachelor in Paradise star Clare Crawley single now? Any relationship she found on Bachelor in Paradise would have to remain secret until the finale airs in a few weeks. But, it looks like, at least from her online presence, that whether Clare found love or not, she's taken a much more relaxed approach to life.

On the show, be it from editing or just because emotions were running so high, Clare had a little breakdown about not finding someone to pair up with so far, then ran off when she was supposed to give out her rose. Now, as a bonafide reality TV expert after watching UnReal this summer, I know that the producers live for these kinds of outbursts, but what I like about Clare is that when not on the show, she has a good sense of humor about how she comes across onscreen and seems far more chill about her potential single life.

She's Mastered The Flattering Selfie

A post in sweatpants that emphasizes her abs?! That's top-level selfie-taking. Usually that angle is death for toned muscle, but Clare is both that ripped and that good at knowing her angles.

She's Making Her Own Furniture

Actually, this photo might suggest that Clare is in a relationship, because someone had to take the picture. But even if she's not single here, she's certainly an independent woman who doesn't need any help putting together that bookshelf.

She's Got Plenty Of Bach Friends

Even though Clare has been treated pretty poorly over the course of Paradise 2, it looks like things are alright between her and the rest of the cast now.

She's Decorating Her Place

What could the reason for the restyling be? Whether it's a new relationship or a refresh to stave off cabin fever, looks like the new accents will add a little Paradise flair to Clare's place.

She'll Mix In-N-Out With Sparkly Accessories

Clare can come across as kind of girly and sentimental, but 1. those are not synonyms for weakness, and 2. Clare isn't one-dimensional as the way she's portrayed on the show... she is unrealistically gorgeous and she eats hamburgers. Which, now that I think about it, is just another reason Clare is basically a superhuman.

She Spends Tons Of Time With Her Nieces And Nephews

Hey, everyone needs the fun aunt to come around and eat the gross jelly beans — I bet Clare's family is enjoying her singleton status greatly, because it means they don't have to try the rotten egg flavor.

She's A Professional

The reason Clare's hair always looks so good is because that's her job — and even though there are clearly some dull days where she has time to take a cute picture, working more diligently is a good side effect from not constantly being distracted by a new relationship.

She Spoils Her Dog

Of course Clare is the type to call her dogs her children, but just like everything else, she manages to make what should be unbearably annoying, actually pretty sweet. She might be the most inherently likeable Bachelor or Bachelorette contestant... ever.

And, She'll Never Settle

So she promised on Twitter. I just root for Clare to find love every time she winds up on ABC, but even if she wasn't lucky this time, it seems that after Bachelor in Paradise 2, Clare Crawley has started to make peace with her singlehood. Or, she could just be tricking us and be one half of the next Marcus & Lacy!

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC