Bella Thorne Is Hollywood's New It Girl

Bella Thorne has already made a name for herself as the star on Disney Channel's Shake It Up! and a budding pop star, and now that the 17-year-old actress is transitioning into full on Hollywood starlet. Thorne tested the waters of big screen stardom earlier this year playing mean girl Madison in The DUFF, and now she's moving on to more dramatic roles with her upcoming film Big Sky, coming out Friday, Aug. 14. But what about after? The next Bella Thorne movie could make her star even bigger.

In Big Sky, Thorne plays Hazel, a young girl suffering from agoraphobia, and stars alongside Kyra Sedgwick, Frank Grillo and Aaron Tveit. Yet the film, a dramatic thriller, is just the beginning for Thorne, who after appearing in MTV's Scream , has already lined up to star in a couple of horror films and dramas. Listed on her IMDB page are Home Invasion, a horror flick about a family who is trapped in their home by sadistic intruders co-starring Ion Gruffud and Natalie Martinez; and Amityville: The Reawakening, a continuation of the Amityville haunted house series, in which Thorne will star alongside Jennifer Jason Leigh and Cameron Monaghan.

Thorne is an adamant fan of the horror genre, citing Insidious, The Strangers and The Shining as a few of her favorites. "Nothing really freaks me out. I don't care about blood or guts or anything like that. Horror films are my favorite genre, so I've watched a lot of people die in my lifetime. OK, that sounds very weird," she told Teen Vogue.

As Thorne's film career begins to take off, the actress isn't abandoning the family-friendly genre completely. The Disney star will play Ashley in the upcoming Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip, set for a December 2015 release. She also voices a character in the upcoming animated film, Ratchet and Clank, to be released in 2016.

Thorne's busy year won't end there. She just wrapped filming Shovel Buddies, which looks to be a young adult film about a group of friends trying to "complete a list of tasks assigned to them as the 'Shovel List' by their dead friend," its IMDB reads. Based on a few on-set Instagram pics, it looks like Thorne's character is a bit more of a rebel than her various other roles.

Finally, Thorne will star in the upcoming romance Midnight Sun opposite Patrick Schwarzenegger. The film, based on a 2006 Japanese movie of the same name, is about a 17-year-old girl (Thorne) who is allergic to sunlight and falls in love with a boy named Charlie (Schwarzenegger). Thorne recently teased the film as a Notebook-like love story. "I've been friends with Patrick for a long time. ...It's gonna be fun. It's a very, very sad story. hopefully it'll be somewhat like The Notebook," she said in her interview with Teen Vogue.

Based on her multiple upcoming films, it's hard to believe Thorne has enough free time to sleep, let alone date; and yet, Thorne has emerged as one half of this summer's it couples, with Faking It hottie Gregg Sulkin. What makes this cute couple work? A shared love of Netflix: "It's hard because in this business, every boy my age wants to go out all the time and party! I'm much more of a homebody and so is Gregg. He just wants to stay in and watch Netflix. It's been great so far," Thorne told Teen Vogue.

Oh, and did I forget to mention she's also a published author? The star — who isn't even legally an adult yet — is the author of the YA novel Autmn Falls, a planned series about a teenager with dyslexia struggling to make it through high school. Is there anything this girl can't do? Based on her insane career, I'm not sure whether I want to be her or hand her a pillow and a fluffy blanket and beg her to take a nap.