Is Amber Single After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? This Photo Could Prove She's Taken

Guess what! Another new eligible single is going to crash Bachelor in Paradise, because the more the merrier, right? This time, it's Amber from Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor. Amber didn't last long on The Bachelor, but I'm hopeful that she'll have some longevity on Bachelor in Paradise. Maybe she'll even find love along the way, after all, that's the whole reason for joining the show. So is Amber still single after Bachelor in Paradise ? We'll have to wait to see how her time on the show goes down, but that doesn't mean we can't snoop around on her social media for hints as to her current relationship status.

After being on a show like Bachelor in Paradise — or any Bachelor Nation show for that matter — one must take extra precaution to not spoil anything about what the show's outcome could be on social media. For example, don't post a Snapchat of you and your fiancé laying in bed before the finale airs. That's just an off the cuff example, of course. I'm sure no one would ever make the mistake of doing that.

So with that said, Amber's social media isn't very telling in regards to her relationship status. But there is one photo that may have you asking, Is she single anymore?

OK, so I think this is Tanner. In really bad lighting, this is Tanner. Right? Wrong? Whether it's Tanner or not, this #mcm definitely could allude to Amber seeing someone after Bachelor in Paradise. Then again, it's not that weird to post a picture of your friend and be like "This guy," is it? Totally platonic and innocent comment, right?

Amber also posts fun photos of her Bachelor in Paradise cast mates, so we really can't read too much into her post of her and (definitely/maybe) Tanner.

So who knows if Amber is single. I'm thinking that she is too smart to post any spoilers on Instagram or Twitter about her love life. So we're just going to have to wait and see if she has a connection with any of the men in Paradise.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC