6 Beautiful Celebrity Engagement Rings From The Especially Sparkly Summer Of 2015

Engagement season supposedly supposedly extends from Thanksgiving through mid-February, but the overwhelming number of celebrity engagement announcements (and, therefore, Instagram photos of celebrity engagement rings) that popped up between June and August this year seems to have transformed summer into the ultimate betrothal season. Whether the warm weather or the elevated number of resort getaways during the timeframe is to blame, no one can say; however, the number of female celebrities who will ring in New York Fashion Week with an exceptionally covetable accessory on that particular finger has drastically increased over the past three months. Moreover, these are no ordinary gems refracting light off of the ring finger of their wearer. Yellow diamonds, vintage designs, and cushion cut creations are each competing for attention on the national stage, and by no means could one call them ordinary.

After years of dedicated attention to the four C's of engagement ring shopping, the focus has been shifted towards sheer individuality and craftsmanship of each distinctive piece. Actress Maggie Grace's fiance decided to forego a traditional emerald cut in favor of an antique round cut with a halo of diamonds to accent the center stone, while pop princess Nicki Minaj found herself sporting a fittingly ostentatious yet appropriately customized heart-shaped yellow diamond. With such a diverse and devastatingly beautiful collection of summer engagement rings displayed on the digits of top performers, even the most cynical fashion aficionados must admit it has been quite the romantic summer. Read on for the most swoon-worthy engagement rings of the summer.

1. Kaitlin Doubleday's Oval Diamond

Empire actress Kaitlin Doubleday illuminated the City of Lights in a dazzling oval cut diamond, accented by an oxblood manicure.

2. Nicki Minaj's Yellow Heart

Songstress Nicki Minaj caused minor sartorial earthquakes with her heart-shaped yellow diamond ring that reportedly signifies an engagement, which is embellished with surrounding white pave stones. Va va voom, indeed.

3. Maggie Grace's Vintage Gem

Actress Maggie Grace was more than a bit taken with her vintage engagement ring, which has a history that dates back to 1810.

4. Iggy Azalea's Cushion Cut Yellow Diamond

Media outlets across the nation trumpeted news of Iggy Azalea's fancy yellow diamond engagement ring; however, the 10.43 carat Jason of Beverly Hills piece arguably crossed the line from fancy to lavishly grandiose after the ninth carat.

5. Casey Reinhardt's Teardrop Dazzler

Casey's Cupcakes founder and The Hills veteran Casey Reinhardt found herself sporting a marquise cut diamond engagement ring for a selfie that truly only starred the gem mere hours ago after accepting a proposal from boyfriend Sean Brown.

6. Bryiana Noelle Flores's Princess Cut Ring

Model Bryiana Noelle Flores experienced a truly fairytale moment when significant other Rob Dyrdek proposed with a blinding princess cut diamond at a recent jaunt to Disneyland.

Images: kaitlindday, nickiminaj, maggiegrace, thenewclassic, caseycupcakequeen, bryiana_noelle