'BB17' Fans Are Very Upset Over Steve's Slide

This week's Big Brother liv episode may have ended less than an hour ago, but fans are already freaking out over a very brief moment from its broadcast. During the live double eviction show on Thursday, there was potential hiccup during the Veto competition that could have changed the fate of the second eviction. To win the competition, a player had to get three balls in a numbered hole on a handheld slide, and towards the end of the comp, viewers could hear Steve yelling, "mine's not working." So did Steve's slide malfunction during the Big Brother PoV competition? And if so, might this lead to a redo of the entire competition? Do I dare hope... Could Jackie be saved?

While it's easy to say that Steve was just complaining out of frustration, the cameras weren't on Steve during this time, so we couldn't actually see what was happening. The cameras stayed on the opposite side of the yard, where Johnny Mac was leading the competition, which is causing some fans to believe that Steve's slide did break, and we purposely couldn't see it. Bustle reached out to CBS for comment regarding Steve's slide, but did not hear back at the time of publication.

Maybe I'm paranoid, but I really think this calls for a close examination on the producers' end. And I'm not the only one. People on Twitter are also concerned about the fairness of the competition and think there should be a re-do if something surfaces to show that there was a fluke in Steve's slide.

Another reason fans are skeptical of this is because of how CBS is reacting to fluke talk on the feeds. The feeds have returned after the crazy night and it seems like at every mention of Steve's malfunctioning slide, the feeds cut to fishes — aka people are talking about something production doesn't want fans to hear.

If producers look at the slide and rule it to have not been working properly, it is very likely that they'll redo the Veto. This isn't the first time a malfunction has occurred and Big Brother has called for a competition do-over. Obviously, during a live show, things move so quickly that the producers couldn't really look too far into the problem. But now that the episode is over, I think it's only fair that the producers analyze Steve's claims and see if there's any merit to them. If they find something, this just may be a gamechanger.

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Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS