'The Bachelor' Taught Us A Lot About Samantha

by Lindsey Kupfer

Last week on ABC’s newest Bachelor show, After Paradise, we saw a preview of next week’s episode, which showed Joe and Samantha making out on Bachelor in Paradise. (Chris Harrison did confirm on the episode that it is Samantha Steffen from Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor). Many people had to think back long and hard about who Samantha even was because she was pretty much the Tanner Tolbert of her season, meaning, we never really saw her. She was there, but no one really noticed. Well, now we will definitely know who she is after watching the preview clip. I mean, it looks like Samantha has pretty steamy make out with him after Joe totally bails on Juelia (because he’s the worst).

Now that we definitely know she is coming on the show this week, we can look back on her time on The Bachelor for a little insight into Samantha and maybe some clues to what she will be like in Paradise. Although, keep in mind, it can be hard to figure out what someone will be like when they get to Paradise because of how different the two reality show concepts are. While you’re trying to get one moment with one person in The Bachelor, the spinoff show is about dating multiple people. The environment has a big affect on personality, just ask Joe. But, we can probably guess these things about Sam based on her Bachelor time.

She Is Probably Pretty Cool

She was around for quite awhile without getting the boot from Chris Soules (she made it six episodes), which definitely means something in the Bachelor world. It means you’re probably pretty cool and even though we didn’t see too much of her, she was worth keeping around to the top 11.

She's Not Inherently Dramatic

Whenever a contestant has no air time it means that a relationship between the Bachelor and the contestant isn’t happening or they aren’t dramatic enough. On After Paradise Chris Harrison said that Samantha and Chris just didn't have a romantic connection, but I suspect her not being dramatic enough also had some play here.

She's Not A Crier

Criers ALWAYS get the air time. Look at Ashley I. She nailed the whole crying all the time thing and she was the focal point of the show for like three episodes. Samantha could have cried her way on the screen, but didn’t because, like I said, drama doesn't seem to be her thing.

She Doesn’t Seem Like The Country Type

So, I went back and looked through her bio from The Bachelor and noticed that she’s a career girl living in Los Angeles who can’t live without her 3.5 pound Teacup Maltese and lip gloss. All that sounds great except that she’s made for city living, so if she and Joe are going to last, he better consider moving out of Columbia, Kentucky.

She Didn’t Talk Trash To Get On-Screen Time

Besides being dramatic and crying, all you have to really do to get on-screen time is talk trash about another girl. But, she never did that. I respect that. I don’t know if that will happen again this time around, but I hope it does. Especially since Joe put her in a bad spot with his whole "I'm just using Juelia until Sam comes along" thing.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC