Chloe's Instagram Is Perfect For 'Dance Moms' Fans

Since she left the show, Dance Moms star Chloe Lukasiak keeps fans updated through Instagram and her YouTube channel. And, she's had a lot of amazing things to share with us! Her most recent accomplishment was a well-deserved "Choice Dancer" win at the Teen Choice Awards. Chloe gave an inspiring speech to her fans and everyone watching the broadcast: "To anyone who's been told they can't do it, shouldn't do it, or they aren't good enough... ignore it, do it anyway, and prove them wrong!"

The beloved fan favorite departed Dance Moms at the end of Season 4 and, although we miss watching her dance on TV every week, it's clear that leaving the ALDC was a wise decision. Chloe looks happier than ever and she is thriving both personally and professionally. Chloe always made clear that she wanted to maintain normalcy in her life β€” and she's found the perfect balance of perfecting her art in the studio, attending school full-time, meeting fans all over the world, and spending plenty of quality time at home in Pennsylvania with her family.

Here are 10 Instagram posts from Chloe that highlight what she's been up to since leaving Dance Moms:

1. Her Style Is On Point

Chloe was only ten when the world met her via Dance Moms. Now she's an extremely stylish fourteen-year-old.

2. Her Boyfriend Is Ricky Garcia

She recently began dating the star of Disney Channel's Best Friends Forever, and they're so cute together.

3. She Supports Nia's Music Career

They may no longer be co-stars, but Chloe and Nia have stayed friends, and she's proud of Nia's accomplishments.

4. Her Family Takes Adorable Selfies

Dance Moms fans loved Christi for her epic one-liners and her ability to put Abby in her place. Luckily, we haven't seen the last of Christi, either. And, can we stop and appreciate how Chloe's little sister, Clara, is the absolute cutest?

5. Paige Is Still Her Best Friend

Paige and Chloe frequently appear in each other's Instagram posts, and we can rest assured that they are still best friends.

6. She Loves Her New Dance Studio

Since leaving the ALDC, Chloe has been dancing at Studio 19. They recently won in the group division at Nationals.

7. She Recently Traveled To Australia

Chloe and Christi recently traveled to Australia and New Zealand to meet fans.

8. She Modeled

Chloe's main modeling gig is with Just For Kix, but she has also done photo shoots for magazines including Nation-Alist.

9. She Cheered For Nastia Liukin On Dancing With The Stars

Chloe attended a taping of Dancing With the Stars to cheer on Olympic gold medalist Nastia Liukin.

10. She Loves To Read

An avid reader, Chloe encourages her fans to open a book with her by hosting a book club on her YouTube channel.

As Chloe's recent "Choice Dancer" win proves, Dance Moms was only the beginning of a wonderful career. We can expect to see many more accomplishments from this talented, humble, and hard-working teen. And, fortunately, we'll all get to go on the journey with her via Instagram.